It was bound to happen sometime...a spinoff list about everyone's favorite evil clown monster. Same rules as the Jeff spinoffs.


Laughing Jack Smokes Tiny Cigars

Laughing Jack Breaks His Cone Nose

Laughing Jack Gets A Blood Transfusion

Laughing Jack Gets Crushed Between God-Jeff's Pecs

Laughing Jack Plays Pong

Laughing Jack The Dhovakin

Laughing Jack Is Mistaken For A Large Goose By A Nearsighted Hunter And Shot

Laughing Jack's Toilet Backs Up

Laughing Jack Is Fried In Butter

Laughing Jack Becomes Morbidly Obese

Laughing Jack sings "Toot Toot Sonic Warrior"

Laughing Jack gets so ripped that his WRAPPINGS have bulging veins

Laughing Jack Gets Pregnant. Wait, WHAT?!

Laughing Jack's Tentacle Dicks Get Tied In A Knot

Laughing Jack's Bottlecap Fetish

Laughing Jack vs. The Recolors

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