It was my 30th birthday. Someone gave me a VHS that said "Youtube Poop-Krusty Krap Training Video" that five of his friends also had and I played the tape.It showed the YTP intro,then spongebob at work throwing crap at Mr.Krabs then Mr.Krabs dies then strangely, cut into 50 seconds of static. Then a creepy Spongebob walks up to the screen and says "Your next..." then threw crap at the screen then broke the screen. PEE-YEW! The crap was on the floor. I didn't like a creepy sponge crawling out of my TV and I called 911 and they killed the sponge then 911 called the police to clean things up so the police view what happened and they said "Why is poop here?"

Then I said "Haunted VHS." then they went to get towels and a new screen and did clean the mess up(the crap, and the blood from Spongebob) and removed Spongebob and replaced the screen then I was glad they didn't send the person that gave me the VHS to jail, it was funny and scary. DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN SPONGEBOB, you look like SHIT.


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