Little did Jeffrey know in the past ten years of his life that there was someone watching him, silently plotting to kill him, she had observed him all through his life for ten years. She wasn't without a life outside watching Jeffrey; she had a job, she worked from a home office, taking phone calls from customers. It was a decent pay, she had enough to pay for a house in Red Bank. She would later convert it into a prison so she could torture and kill Jeffrey. The person behind this silent plot was none other than "Kristie". One day, when Jeff got his first phone, she sent him a text that would be etched in his mind for months, but very little did he know what horrors it meant for him in the future. The message said;

"I'm watching you."

March 13th 


Jeffrey's parents were going four wheeling for the weekend and his sister was going to stay at her friend's house for the weekend. His parents had trusted him to be home alone all by himself for the first time. He had an Xbox, some money to order pizza and hours’ worth of video games and anime to watch. His parents left in the morning at around 8 AM. Jeffrey shifted from pacing the house listening to music to messaging friends on Facebook to making videos for YouTube. At around 1 PM, he got another anonymous text. The text read.

“8 PM. I will pick you up and you won't come back home."

This freaked Jeffrey out. He was panicky but believed that it was a prank. So he deleted the message. But message after message came and came for an hour until it stopped. They all were threatening and ominous, he became scared for his life and started pacing the house with his IPod trying to calm himself down. It worked for a few hours until...


A switch that controlled power over the whole house had been flipped and all power was gone, causing it to become pitch black. Then he heard doors being unlocked and opened. He ran upstairs to hide in his sister’s bathroom. He locked his sister's bedroom door and hid in the bathroom. 

"You can't hide forever. I'll find you!" A woman's voice called out upstairs. Kristie went upstairs and searched every room with a flashlight until she heard light sobs coming from his sister’s bedroom. 

"Ahhh. There you are!" she cried out in a cruel tone. She picked the lock to his sister's bedroom and opened the door, she followed the heavy breathing and muffled sobs. Summoning all his courage, he went outside the bathroom to feel someone grabbing him from behind and putting a chloroform cloth to his face, knocking him unconscious.

The Next day

Jeffrey woke up on the floor of an empty bedroom. There was nothing in it. It consisted of just walls, a ceiling and a window. He found himself shirtless in this room with his wrists cuffed together but his legs free to walk. He paced the room for an hour breathing heavier than ever and wondering what the hell had just happened. Then Kristie walked in.

"So I FINALLY caught you, young man," she said with a cruel smirk. "Guess what day it is. It’s the day you DIE!" after saying this she laughed maniacally. 

"You BITCH!" he yelled, causing her to look sternly at him.

"You better hope there's no afterlife lady because you're going to go straight to he-"

She punched him square on the nose, causing it to bleed.

"You little son of a bitch." she snarled. "You're going to talk shit to me? ME?!?!" I'm going to make your death as excruciatingly painful as possible. You'll wish you were dead with the stuff I'll do to you, boy!" He was shaking, a tear shed from his eyes. This caused her to get angry and start beating him. Blows fell like a downpour of rain on him as he struggled to get away from her. After a couple of minutes she let off of him. 

"That's only the beginning. More will come later." chuckled Kristie as she left the room.

A couple of hours later, Jeffrey was still in the room, shaking and crying when Kristie appeared out of nowhere and placed another towel containing chloroform over his face knocking him out again.

An hour later

Jeffrey woke up to find himself naked and restrained on a brick wall with his ankles and wrists bound to the wall by rope tied in through holes in the walls that were drilled by Kristie what Jeffrey thought were drilled years ago. He looked around and found to his left a hose connected to a container of water that was being heated to a scalding hot level. To his right he found a drawer containing various needles, knives, scalpels and other medical tools. Jeffrey grew scared and furious at the same time. He fought and fought to free himself until Kristie came downstairs through a door.

"Welcome to your execution chamber." Kristie said with an evil grin. "Would you like a drink before you die?" she asked as she walked over to the hose. She turned the hose on and boiling hot water spewed out from it. Jeffrey could see the steam coming from the water as Kristie approached him with the hose. When she was close enough, Kristie placed the hose into his mouth and forced his mouth into a sucking position. Scalding hot water entered his mouth, burning his tongue, gums, throat, lungs, and stomach. The pain was so much that tears fell from his eyes like a waterfall. After 30 seconds she took the hose out of his mouth. He was coughing and wheezing as he sobbed out.

"Please...Let me go home!" he said, his throat hurting.  

Kristie just chuckled and went to get a chainsaw near the end of the room.

"So you like to run, eh?" She asked in an evil tone, walking back to him and turning on the saw. Jeffrey began to hyperventilate as she walked closer to him.

"Well you won't be running anymore when I'm done with this baby!" she said before laughing again.

The saw was placed just below the rope piece that restrained his left ankle and began cutting in a split second. It slowly cut through his muscles, reaching the bone. Blood sprayed everywhere and Jeffrey let out a heart piercing scream of agony as she cut off his left ankle. It took about three minutes before the left foot was completely cut off. She then cauterized the wound with fire to prevent excessive blood loss. The pain was so unbearable that Jeffrey screamed like a child. Kristie smiled at the sound of his screaming. Once she was done cauterizing his left ankle, she grabbed the chainsaw and moved to his right ankle. 

"Ready, set, GO!" Kristie shouted joyfully.

The chainsaw cut through his right ankle, introducing his right leg to the same torture and excruciating pain as his left leg had gone through, but this time he didn't scream. He instead blacked out, the pain rendering him unconscious.

30 minutes passed and Jeffrey woke up. Mucus caked his nostrils and his face was stinging from the tears that he cried as his feet were amputated. 

"Oh, you're awake..." Kristie said, "Now I can continue the torture."

Jeffrey was in complete and utter agony. His tongue had gone numb, his throat was still burning, his stomach ached incessantly and his lower legs where his ankles were cut off felt like they had been dumped in lava.

Kristie stared cruelly at Jeffrey as she went to his side to get out scalpels and surgical scissors. “You always said you wanted to donate your kidneys. Well, your wish is coming true today.” Taunted Kristie.

She placed the scalpels and surgical scissors on a mobile table with a tray. She stuck a needle into his arm and injected a mysterious fluid. He had no reaction to the pain of the needle, he was more concerned with his legs and insides.

“This is something to clot the blood easier.” Said Kristie as she removed the needle from him. She brought the table to his side and grabbed the scalpel. 

“No…Please!! NO!!! PLEASE DON’T!” cried Jeffrey in a panicky tone. Jeffrey was very scared at this point. She was going to cut him open and remove his kidneys, all while he is awake, with no painkillers whatsoever. She cut the skin and formed a circle where the right kidney was before removing the slab of meat from his body. The sight of his right kidney made him want to puke. She grabbed the scissors and began cutting off the kidney from the rest of his body. The pain was unbearable. He yelped out in agony as his kidney was removed. Kristie hummed as she removed his right kidney and placed it onto the tray.

“Now for your left!” Kristie cut into where his left kidney was and began doing the same thing she had done to his right kidney. Jeffrey was still screaming like a 5 year old, begging for her to stop. As soon as Kristie put his other kidney onto the tray, she began to degrade him.

“Boy, you are such a crybaby.” She said. “Let me tell you what, I’ll end it for you. You’re starting to annoy me with your incessant crying and screaming.”

Kristie went to his other side to plug in what appeared to be a battery charger with long alligator clips connected to them. She took the alligator clips and attached them to his left and right thumbs.

"Well, this is going to be a...shocker!" she cackled as she turned on the charger. A hard shock of electricity erupted through his body. Jeffrey's body seized, his muscles snapped, his hip thrust   outwards and his whole body shook, his eyes rolled back and he screamed and screamed in agony. His bladder lost control and he released on the floor incessantly. Kristie looked disgusted but smirked at his agony. Suddenly, as the electricity affected his vitals, he started dying. His heart stopped, he quit breathing and his vision faded to black. After he died, Kristie unrestrained his body and took it to an isolated area in the mountains and placed his body in the forest. Her plans were complete, and Jeffrey was dead.

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