I walk down my street, smiling at the new game I had just bought. It was a Donkey Kong game, I had never really enjoyed them, never really enjoyed platformers. When I got home, I put in the disc, and the title screen that came up said "Konkey Dong: Fropical Treeze" what? I had bought a Donkey Kong game, not some bootleg Konkey Dong! As I pressed play, my nephew came downstairs "What is that you're playing?" he asked, and I said "some Donkey Kong rip-off game" I sigh, as he grabs the controller. "Let me play!" he says excitedly, as I look at him "Knock yourself out kiddo." I laugh, watching him. I noticed Konkey Dong was a grey, retexture of Donkey Kong.

Konkey Dong look very annoyed throughout the game, getting more and more pissed when my nephew killed him. Eventually a Konkey Dong grew that pissed off that he began to disobey the controllers commands. My nephew threw the controller down, and ran at the tv in anger, about to punch it, but what surpised me more was that he just disappeared. No trace of him, apart from a new character on the screen, looking exactly like my nephew. Konkey Dong seemed to still look at him with immense anger. He leapt on my nephew, and began things to him. It was awful. I tried to look away, It was disgusting, but something made me look, something was grabbing my head, forcing me to watch these lewd acts onto my nephew. Konkey Dong..climaxed, and threw my nephew to the side, and I knew I had to save my nephew. I ran at the screen.

I blinked for a while, before seeing my nephew on the floor, and Konkey Dong walking away. I ran at Konkey Dong, and my hand tapped his posterier, and that same feeling that occured when I went into the game, was felt. I blinked again, and ran forwards, knowing I must slice Konkey Dongs genitals in order to revert what had happened. I must save my nephew! I walked forwards, eventually reaching the base of his genitals. This strange, white liquid flew through the long shaft ahead of me. I ran forwards. Piles of the white liquid built infront of me, as i attempted to dodge it i touched a bit. It was warm, sticky, and smelt awful. It tasted salty, and i gagged as I tasted.

When I finally got to the tip, I gained a small knife, and a spermboard. I threw the spermboard on the hot, sticky, salty substance, and rode down the stream, stabbing the air in joy. Spermfalls fell around me, as I dodged between them, trying to dodge them. I got to the base, and everything began to shake. I saw the white substance slowly start to build up, getting closer and closer to me, I needed to hurry, and be as fast as i could be in completing my task.

I stabbed the knife into the base, and sliced, moving around, hurrying as the white liquid shot closer. I finished my incision, and heard Konkey Dong scream in pain as his manhood launched into the sky, propelled by a stream of the sticky white substance. I raised my hands in the air, before I saw birds flying at me. I stroked the tip of the manhood, and launched manjuice at the birds, before jumping off of the manhood.

Thats when I landed in the Presidents Office

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