It was peaceful day, I was playing in my garden. As I was only 10 at the time, I was couldn't go pass the gate--and had to stay in my own boundaries, bummer. But as a kid, I remember I didn't care and kept playing.

As I was, I heard some creepy-ass music box playing from a far distance. It made me jump, and I went to investigate it: there wasn't no music boxes, or people for that matter though, but the music box continued to play peacefully.

It seemed harmless enough, but then I thought of that Courage the Cowardly Dog episode where he finds a peaceful violin player; who turns out to be a monster, tricking the dog into her grasp, and possibly slowly murdering him.

I stayed back at the yard, ate a ice cream, as the music continued. It got to me...and I decided to go investigate further out of the yard. I was, what you say "naughty", but I didn't care.

I spotted a red head kid, or I think was a kid, I can't be sure--he had a fancy suit, and he was grasping a music box, and kept whirring it to play. And sure enough, it kept playing.

"Hey," I shouted.

He seemed to heard me, and turned around. The music box sounds turned dramatic and distorted, and I remember cupping my ears in fear and that I started crying.

The boy looked at me, angered obviously; I had disturbed his peace, and he was too glad about it;

"Hey, kid?" he questioned me, and I stopped crying. "Aren't you too old to be out of the yard, it's 8 o' clock!" "So?" I said, cocky.

"So you shouldn't, it's dangerous out here," his angered smile turned into a smirk, which made me cringe.

"Are you even a kid, or--?" He interrupted me as soon as I could finish.

"But, now that your here, I could need assistance with my experiment." I blinked and flinched, as he cocked his head.

"You see, I run a business and a lab. A really good job if I say so myself." He said, as he made a 'come here' with his hands. I came closer, and closer, as he continued speaking.

"What kind of experiments do you do?" I asked. "Science? Or maybe--" "I make triplets!" He interrupted, and I gulped; "triplets? You mean like pigs or--" that bastard interrupted me again.

"Nope, a human centipede."

"A human what-now?" I replied, and kinda pissed him off as he grunted.

"No! A human centipede of triplets." He pulled out a live centipede, and pointed to it.

I was like 'oh'. I was kinda dumb back then, but it doesn't change anything in this story, so listen! I leaned closer, as I was a curious child.

"And I wanted you to be the next triplet in my experiment." He proclaimed, holding the centipede to the light as it melted away to pus. I blinked, and cocked my head. What the heck is this guy talking about, I thought.

He proceeded to put a gag on my mouth. I started to squirm on the floor, and the next thing you know, I'm connected through anus-to-mouth to 2 other people.

Next to me, where other triplets. One of them had a brace around its neck, and looked towards me grinning with wide-teeth. Luckily, I was the first triplet, so I could gasp at the disgusting sight.

The red head now had a lab coat, with the same evil-smile he had when I met him. He was dragging a body with a gag on it, into a lab area with a whole other centipede of triplets.

I never escaped, until the police broke and murdered the sicko. And I was able to type this, as a warning.

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