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Jimmy Neutron Happy Family Happy Hour01:07

Jimmy Neutron Happy Family Happy Hour

My cousin worked as a intern for Nickeloden in 2005. He gave me a DVD of Jimmy Neutron. I got home and I later on I put in the DVD in to my Xbox. I play this episode and the title card was "Jimmy Neutron Happy Family Hour". I thoght this was a new unaired special hour episode. I was wrong. It played and in the begining was the most disturbing part. It showed the house of Jimmy Neutron, It went in as just music then no sound. I showed Hugh with a gun and killed the mom, the audio was back. He said " Jimmy your mom is dead, do and order of pizza for dinner." Jimmy said " Okay Daddy". I was very creeped out. Then there was no audio again. Jimmy was on the phone and talking. I was guessing it was for the pizza. The Hugh comes up to Jimmy and says "Now its time for father-son bonding". Then the screen had a red screen effect and Hugh said " BOND WITH ME JIMMY" in a deep voice. Then they were on the sofa waching TV. I was weird was Hugh had a gun pointing at Jimmy. I got sick. The door bell ringed and the pizza went bezerk. Jimmy said " THE PIZZA IS AGRESSIVE!". The pizza chopped of Hugh's head. Then Jimmy said "Just another day in the life of Jimmy Neutron." The the episode ended. I took out the DVD and smashed it to little bits. I had a few nightmares and could no go to sleep. A person made what was on the DVD animated but he dreamed a few things for it.

Credited to Drsockmonkey 

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