Jeff the killer

was mad as hell,

he demanded a rematch

as the fight didn't go well.

Blood covered everything

in sight, all you could see was red,

but a conclusion had not yet been reached

as neither of them was dead.

Slenderman told Jeff

to fuck off and grow a pair,

Jeff whipped out a knife

and the rematch started there.

Jeff sniffed some cocaine

and turned into a mutant oh lord,

he slashed and slided

but soon got bored.

Slender got out a match

his tentacles grew longer,

Jeff wheezed like a fucking high hobo

he yelled, "Jesus motherfucker, not this shit again, get your fat ass back to hentai land bitch!"

They were both pretty fucked

The forest was on fire,

but slender grabbed onto a branch

and kept on climbing higher.

Jeff was trapped, and screamed in fright

"I never wanted to fight in the first place! But bitch you made us!"

The victorious Slender looked down in pity

"You lost the game Jeffrey. Now prepare your anus."


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