Hulk hogan face face

hogan in 2089

i looked at a news papa it said hulkhogan would fight jaff in hulk mania 2089 so i wated years for dis epac fight to da death. it hapned in a cage hogan came in the the slim jim sward of badassness wearing armor of the souls of the last opponets. jaff was using his knife and wearing a white hoodie like a n00b. hogan slashed off jaffs hoodie to show he was wearing a c4 jaket like a terrorst. the c4 exploded due to hogans pure god energy. but jaff survived i yelled he was a haker, i was emeditaly pelted with drinks jaff pulled out a pink dildo and killed hogan with it. i jumped down to kill jaff for killing god (hogan) but i died.

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