MoMo6 dind't maek dis. Sum other n00b did, but he's no gonna say his naem! trolololol

Hello.. my name isn't important.. but what I do is. I'm a killer. I've killed for at least a year. I can't stop.. it's exhilarating, seeing someone dead. The feeling of excitement just rushes over me. Picking a victim is fun too. Though, no matter who I pick, they never fight back. I wonder why...

It seems so odd. They just sit there.. doing nothing, while I kill them. Do I intimidate them? Or is it something more..? Whatever it is, it doesn't matter. Because when I kill, I know I'm in control. Hell, I'm a God!

Or.. was, a God. Until a simple sentence broke my dream world.. when my mom told me: "Jimmy, stop playing with your dolls. It's not real life."

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