A couple weeks ago, I discovered a cool YouTube channel called I Hate Everything. The videos on the channel involve a guy named Alex talking about the negative sides of popular things in a comedic manner. For me though, the best part of his channel is reading the comments from dumb kids who can't respect his opinions (which eventually became a segment on his channel known as Comment Comeback).

Yesterday, I had nothing to do, so I decided to marathon all of his videos. None of them were necessarily strange, although one video called I HATE WINDOWS didn't work when I tried to watch it, and was deleted after I refreshed the page. I asked him on his Twitter why it was deleted, and he replied with a vague "I didn't like it".


Picture of IHEverything

The next day on his Twitter (and the day I'm writing this), he said "Video now", and for some reason posted a link to his channel instead of the video itself. The channel was...odd. The channel was renamed IHEverything, and his profile picture was now a black-eyed, smiling version of himself with red dots for pupils. All of his subscribers were gone, except for me. Every video was removed, and the "new video", simply called YouTube, was two days old and had a poorly made thumbnail image. This was really weird - Alex always talked about how much work went into making his videos, so why would he delete them all? I decided to click on the video...I really shouldn't of done that...

The video started off with a blank screen while his theme song played. Then it cut to Alex in what I'm assuming is his room. This is the first time he's shown his face on camera. It was clear he was reading from some kind of script, and he was shaking a lot. He then says "Hello, name is Alex fro...from the IHE show and today I'm


Alex being held at gunpoint

going to tell you why M...Minions rock..." What the FUCK!? Was he at gunpoint being forced to say this or something!? I increased my brightness on my PC and sure enough, there was a gun to his head being held by what appeared to be a worker at Universal. He then says "G...go buy a Minion, have a nice" and the rest of the video was a blank screen...or so I thought, as halfway through you can hear Alex being shot and screaming in agony.

I immediately reported the video, and within a few seconds the channel was gone. But just a few seconds later, I heard police sirens outside my house. I looked out my window to see the same guy from the IHE video.

I quickly grabbed my M9 Beretta, loaded it and shot it at the guy, killing him.

There was only one police car and I surprisingly shot it at the fuel tank with 6 shots and it exploded, not harming my house.

I will never forget that video with the death of my favourite YouTuber...

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