Basil Fawlty

This was the hyper-realistic man that was haunting my hyper-realistic dreams during my hyper-realistic sleep, before I hyper-realistically woke up.

One hyper-realistic morning, I opened my hyper-realistic eyes, only to find that my hyper-realistic sheets had been torn off my hyper-realistic bed and strewn about my hyper-realistic room. I decided, with my hyper-realistic brain, to hyper-realisticlly jump out of my hyper-realistic bed to find the cause of this, only to hyper-realisticlly notice that when my hyper-realistic feet hyper-realistically touched the hyper-realistic carpet, it was damp.

Looking down with my hyper-realistic eyes, I saw that it was covered in hyper-realistic blood. I opened my hyper-realistic mouth to scream, but hyper-realistic blood started to pour out, and my hyper-realistic eyes became filled with hyper-realistic blood-tears. Due to a massive loss of hyper-realistic blood, I died, and then a hyper-realistic skeleton popped out

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