I am not one of theese people keep that in mind when you read this.

Recently I have noticed that there are many butt-hurt people out there, and they usually blame Furbearingbrick and call her Furbearingbitch, I think those people are just saying that because there story which sucks, was deleted and they think it is the best story ever.

Before I start let me say I am not one of those people and I understand when a creepypasta sucks or if it is good, 

When they make the story

What is going on in their head when they make the story:

Oh my god this the best pasta evar and it is going to be the most famous one even more famous then Slenderman and scarier than Jeffrey Damher the killer!

Brace yourself

The final product of the pasta is like this:

One day (character) saw (thing) and they were followed by it, and it turns out that what was following them (Describes Jeff the killer like character with some differences) and in the middle of the night ( Villain) looked into (Protaganists) eyes and said (Go to sleep like motto) before killing them.

The ways the pasta can be related to some other one is endless, although it is rare there can be an 100% original story.

But after one day the story is deleted, because it sucks hard monkey balls.

The after affect

Well most people just flip out and immediately attack Furbearingbrick everywhere they can, or they do something else to another admin. When I look at them I think that their responses are just making it worse for themselves. Most go like this:

" How dare you add my story to the trollpasta wiki, it is much better than the trash on the creepypasta wiki and Fuck you (Admins name)!"

This makes it worse for themselves and they get banned forever. When I see someone making a 'story' like that, I feel like telling them what kind of crap they are doing and how they are making it worse for themselves.

Then it gets worse when they attack admins everywhere they can, and inevitably get banned.
We get it

Edit: Hey, don't mind me, I'm user #24666, and I just wanted to say; That picture there >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Is hot as hell. Thanks for your time :)