My name is Kyle Rea. Recently I got the flu, which has left me at home with nothing to do but play Minecraft and watch soap operas. Luckily, I'm going back to work tomorrow, because I'm not as sick as I was one week ago, but being in this state reminded me of how I pasted the time when I was sick for two weeks.

I work at an accounting firm, though I'm also a part-time computer technician and expert. Somehow, I came down with a terrible cold. When I went to the doctor, he said that I should stay at home for at least two weeks to recover. This dissappointed me, as I didn't have that much money and food, and my cable company said my contract was up. Luckily, my girlfriend at the time had everything but a cold, so she was able to help me get through.

But two weeks at my dreary little house?! I was bored out of my mind on the first day. My only hope of avoiding terminal boredom was "Doctor Who" on Blu-Ray, but I was too sick to get out of bed. On day two, I got an idea.

I was going to troll my friend.

I downloaded the files for one of my favorite games growing up, "Sonic the Hedgehog." I created all sorts of creepy things, like demonic pictures of Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles, hanging guts of critters, red and crimson palette swaps, all sorts of creepy and scary stuff. I burned it all onto one ordinary-looking disc, and hid it so nobody would know what I was doing.

I then wrote a letter to my friend saying how he needs to destroy the disc, before it was too late.

On day 13, I then decided that I would add more levels of creepy. I found a Sonic plushie that I had bought and painted red around its eyes.

When I felt better, while coming home from work, I entered my friend's house (he enters my house unannounced all the time, so don't say I'm breaking-and-entering) and very silently put the plushie right behind his chair. He was taking a nap at the time.

A couple days later, he found out that I wasn't dead. He almost killed me when he punched me in the face 30 seconds later. I guess you could say I deserved it.

I'm still friends with Tom, and he's actually turned my prank into a really popular online creepypasta. So really, without me being a jerk with the flu, he would had never been able to scare you guys.



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