Here are top 5 tips on how on to give fucktards a taste of their own medicine when they are trying to butthurt all over the internets:

1. Pretend to be "anon" to attract /b/ trying to /b/ so-called /b/.
2. Tell them that they are a weaboo/manchild/werejohncandy/tartlet tard/stoopid, or something out of the batshit insane ward of words.
3. Open up a conversation of bullshit and frequently stir shit.
4.Keep replying until they know you are fucking right beyond all belief.
5.  Watch them get all butthurt over it trying to defend themselves.

6. ??????

7. PROFIT!!!!!!

And there you have it  - how to get revenge at ASSPIES for their insensitive articles about peopel people (learn2spell your retartedness) on Deviantart.

I hope you enjoy it.

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