My 10 year old son and I watch' Homestar Runner' every night on my Vizio HDTV, which is connected to my PC. I gave my son the mouse and he selected "The secret Strong Bad E-Mail". It started out with Strong Bad saying "Do Do Do checking out the E-Mail" like normal.

When he got am E-Mail which was titled "Dear Strong Bad I want to know something interesting. Something you have never talked about before. From, Jamie, Hartford CT" Then Strong Bad said

"OK i have something interesting to talk about, how about DEATH". I was Horrified. He grabbed a gun and knife and started killing

Homestar, Homsar, Marzipan, Strong Sad, etc. Then he said

"NOW IM COMMING FOR YOU". I quickly closed the window. Then an error message started comming up saying "Error: Windows will not close Google Chrome until YOU DIE".

I didnt see my son anywhere after that and I thought he allready went to bed. I went to tuck him in and i saw Strong Bad in real life saying "Your too late. I have allready killed him." then he said "NOW IT IS TIME FOR YOU TO DIE". I ran in a closet and i saw Strong Bad looking around my apartment for me.

I pulled my Cell phone and dialed 911. I heard an automated voice saying

"Hi this is Alex. Your virtual advisor at V****n Mobile im sorry, we cannot complete this call because Strong Bad wants you to DIE". Strong bad opened the closet door and grabed a knife. I quickly escaped through an emergency transport door in my closet. I got outside then i tried 911 again and i got the same Alex message but this time he said Hi this is Alex, Your virtual advisor at V****n Mobile, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE. The phone hung up. I stayed at my friends house for the night. The police said that my son's death was suspicious.

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