It was a pretty dark day today. We were in the middle of school and I was working on my quiz. Just then, about 5 minutes later, I noticed that at the same time I finished my quiz, an ad appeared on my phone that read "Get Sonic the Genesis for free today for your smartphone". I was not very convinced, but I got the game anyway. BIG MISTAKE I MADE THERE.

After school, the game finally finished downloading. I was excited to play the only Sonic game I never played. Unfortunately, it was not the same game at all, as I found out the hard way... Playing it. I loaded the app, and the screen stayed black for ten seconds after the SEGA logo disappeared.

Finally, the logo for the game appeared, and everything was normal. I was pretty darn happy to start. I noticed something odd about the level, though... Instead of Green Hill zone act 1, it just said Zone act 1. I was confused because this was not a Sonic level. It was a huge mass of brick platforms with a spring on the top of the other side. I had difficulty getting up there, because the ramp going up there was too steep.

I ran backwards and started running upside down for some reason. I bounced off a sideways spring and finally made it. I jumped up to the blue platform, and ran left while dashing. I noticed I had ten rings at the start. I got thirty more from these three goal signs. I even got super speed! I jumped to the other side of the second trap easily. Then I bumped into a checkpoint.

I ran and ran right for ten seconds when... I bumped into some clone of Sonic, and the game froze for half of a second. I saw Sonic.EXE jump at the screen for a second, and flashed out of sight... But not without a very loud ear piercing roar that turned into a scream for twenty seconds. It started flashing eleven seconds after Sonic.EXE vanished... But with all of his victims. The noise stopped finally and the words "Help Me" appeared for a tenth of a second before finally disappearing. The noise stopped too. Thank goodness that noise was over! But then the next level was You're Gonna Die. WTF was that? Then... It showed that I was trapped between a rock and a hard place... Literally. Then everything cut to black three seconds later. Glass shattered for a second, and then... I heard Sonic.EXE brutally murdering Sonic in the black screen. There were a lot of gory sounds in the murder too. Almost fifty seconds later... My character was dead. It stayed black for seven more seconds and then the Game Over card appeared in the black screen with my name under it. How the fuck does he know my name?!

Six seconds later he shoved his face at the screen again for two whole seconds with a message under him saying "IT'S TIME TO CONTROL!!!". It closed and the game ended. I deleted the app and made sure it was banned from existence... And that is exactly what I did. No one had to worry about the very loud jumpscares from this game, and the brutality of Sonic's death anymore. The End!