Haunted: Death (or simply just Death) is a unaired episode of The Haunted Hathaways. It was created by a intern of Nickelodeon Sunset Studios - who has serious schizophrenia, but still went on to produce the episode.

The Episode

The episode begins with the intro, which is seemingly normal, but is low pitched and demonic sounding. It abruptly ends, and goes to a shot in a white background. The words, "Death," slowly fade into view, but slowly fade back to white again.

Another abrupt cut happens, this time with a asylum hallway. The walls are covered in mold, and stained with a red liquid (Blood?). Louie--one of the show's main protagonists--appears. His face was mangled and bloodied, and he makes a high pitched screeching noise, opening his mouth; wider than any human could.

It cuts to red, again with text fading into view. It read -

"Nuclear bomb to be dropped over New Orleans. Please evacuate immediately!"

It slowly fades out, this time cutting a shot of Frankie Hathaway, bloodied and mangled. There is a weird green glow around her body, and her nose is wider than it usually is.

It seems this takes place after a nuclear bomb was dropped on the Hathaway home, as the house is covered in a green glow. Michele walks out of a door, her skin was melting off, hanging on its last legs, and fell to the floor.

"Why?" - Michele mumbles, although it quite distorted, and almost sounds like: "Wan." This is odd, as the last name of the intern is Wan.

Ray Preston walks behind, clutching onto a shot-gun with 7 bullets loaded in it. "I know I said 'I am sorry', but your not Michele anymore," he hushed.

There is 5 minutes of silence, before Michele turns around, looking confused.

"So, you must die!" He aims at her forehead, and fires.

The gunshot causes the screen to go white, with Nuclear waste splattering on the screen. It is revealed that Ray has turned into a zombie, and walks around lifeless.

It makes another cut, showing Miles writing in his diary. The screen zooms enough, so that you can see what he is writing:

"Dear Diary, My family have turned into zombies, after President Obama decided to drop a nuclear bomb on our house. Which he claimed was to--"Clear Americans of threats"--What a nut-job, he killed my family. My friends, my--"

He is interrupted by a loud screeching sound from the basement, and he continues to write:

"Anyways, I gotten check on the basement if I want to survive. Love, Miles"

Miles places the diary down, and it transitions to the basement. The walls are covered in waste, and the stench of onions and candy wrappers fill the air. He grunts in disgust, but kept moving along. A shadow moves in the distance, which scared him a bit, but since he was a ghost, it didn't matter to him.

The rat revealed himself (or herself) to be Taylor Hathaway. Half rat, half human, with her eyes still on the rat body. It hissed, but it sounded like -

"Miles? Is that you?"

Miles teleported away in shock, and Taylor claws herself to death and blood splatters all over the walls. It transitions upstairs, where Louie is feasting on Michele and Frankie's dead bodies. He burps, and hears sounds of teleportation, and it revealed to be Miles; who realizes Louis ripped his dairy, all of the pages said: "2-3-17" which is a date.

Miles grabs a butcher knife, and stabs Zombie Louie to death. "Take that, you fucking zombie." He hollers, feeling a bit of enjoyment.

But soon, he feels as if he done something wrong, starts to sob and whimper. As he starts, a drop of waste falls from the ceiling - and almost drops on Miles. But, the screen turns black abruptly and a retarded screech fills the speakers.

White text fills the entire screen, repeated in rows, it said:

"The hathaways are dead, and the series is over."

The same face emerges from the darkness, smiling, and then it ends.

The Aftermath

The intern was found in his home, covered unrealistic glow of green. His collar had green triangles, and he looked up at the police:

"Mr. Wan, I herby arrest you." One of the police officers said, with a small smirk.

"What are you talking about, I'm Kermit the Frog." The frog replied.

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