ONE DAY giygas was going to work. He ate a blood for breakfast. He went to the shower and rubbed his crotch with the soap. He unlocked the door to his car with his keys. He drove. He hit a redlight. He said "oh fawk no". He waited. The greenlight came up. He drove again. A guy flipped him off. He got mad. He rammed him. He went off road. He also fell. Then giygas kept going. He stopped at macdonalds. He orderd double cheeseburger with fries and a coke. He ate it. He also drank his coke. He went again. He drove on the fastlane. He got to a merge. A car wreck happend. He kept going (giygas dgaf). He got to his office. He saw people. The people were his peers. His peers were fun and crazy people. fetus. He sat down by a computer. He began doing paperwork. He was stressed. His boss came in. His boss was patrixxx. giygas was fired. He went home. He told his dog about it. And his cat. He bled. He bleeded so much that blood was going out the window. The blood flooded the world. The end

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