It was a dark and spooky morning. With the curtians pulled in.It was a saturday, and it was a normal day...right?

Well i got onto 4chan /b/ to do my daily raging on how 9gag is a better site than 4chan, i mean think about it, the circkejerks are funny and #YOLO #SWAG btw.

Annnywaaay. My brother who i raped just yesterday cum up the stairs dragging somthing ling behind him...

it was a board game, called Custers Revenge. I gasped and asked "Where the hell did you get thet?" He said "In your dragon dildoes drawer, wanna play?" I havent played that game in forever and there is a reason why, but i accepted the challange.

He opened the board and i set it up and turned on the board game. As soon as he rolled the dice, he got doubles, but i forgot i had 4chan up cause i thought it was cool to leave that up, then a brown haired man picked up the dice and said "DOUBLES GET!!!!" He rolled and got a 3 and a 2. "FUCK" he said and went back in the screen.

My brother moved the game piece and landed on a space, a skeleton space. A skeleton popped out devouring my brother into the abyss known at Custards Revenge, i saw the screen showing him getting raeped by general custard.

I watched and came all across the screen while crying. Then i saw the board show two words on there, the horrid two words

The Game

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