This is a story about something that happened a few months ago. This is 100% real, and the reason I'm posting this on creepypasta is because I couldn't find any other true story site which would allow me to enter supernatural stories. Anyway, here it is.

I was always a HUGE fan of Nintendo. I have a Wii, a Nintendo 64, a Gameboy, a Gameboy Color, a DS, a Super Nintendo, and a 3DS. But there's one system I love more than any of the other ones.


I love everything about the original Gameboy, from its crappy graphics, great games, bulky design, and non-colored display. So lately, since my 2 Gameboys weren't working, I decided to buy another one. I looked through a site, and I found something different. GAME BOY PRO. I had no idea what that was, and just thought some one had called a Gameboy Advance a Gameboy Pro. But it was name like this. GameBoy PRO. Anyway, since I didn't have a Gameboy Advance, I decided to buy this.

I checked the amount of visits. 6443728. And the ad was just posted about a week ago. I thought someone would have bought it by then, but I decided to check. I drove to the persons home, and knocked. A boy came out.

"Um, hi. I saw an ad for your Gameboy, how much is it?"

"800 bucks" The boy replied.

Now, I was pissed. 800 bucks for a Game boy advance? I was about to decline, but suddenly, my hand flew forward with money all of a sudden. The boy grabbed it, and gave me a box.

"Comes with manuals, games, AC Adapter, and battery pack."

And the boy slammed the door in my face.

I went outside and slammed my car door, cursing that piece of dung for being such a filthy bitch. 800 bucks? He slammed the door, and the box felt so light, was anything in it? When I got home, I unboxed it, and turns out I was right. Nothing was in it. He told me it came with manuals, games, AC Adapter, and a battery pack. There were none. I felt like crying. But then, I saw something sitting in the middle. I picked it up, and it looked nothing like a Gameboy Advance.

It had a flap like the 3DS, and when I opened it up, it had 2 screens identical to the 3DS; one being larger and the other being smaller. It had a comfortable D-Pad, with 2 analog sticks, and A and B buttons. I looked on the side; it had wireless, 3G, and volume and contrast buttons. There was also a camera on the front where the 3DS's one was, it had one camera on the back too. On the bottom back part, there was a logo which said: GameBoy PRO in a different font. There was also a battery back already inserted. on the other side was an SD card slot, and on the back... you won't believe this, HDMI port. Also, I saw on the back there was a detachable part. I opened it, and it was perfect size for Gamecube discs. It had it's regular DS and 3DS port, and on the bottom a Game boy port like the original DS.

I booted up the system, and the most advanced menu came up. It had everything you could imagine. I put in an original Pokemon Red, and it came in color. It had advanced 3D! Like 3D on the 3DS. I was so excited. But then, something strange started happening. The GameBoy started smoking. Then all of a sudden, the camera came up. And it was 1080p. But still, it was strange; how could a little system like this do all of this? Now things started to get scary. Lavender Town music started playing. I went to the home menu. I saw an app called: "Music Analyzer". I went to it, and it analyzed Lavender Town. But the scary thing is, when it played in reverse....

Oshawott came up. I dropped the GameBoy and fell. It was still playing Oshawott. Oshawott was part of the 5th generation! Then, a bunch of Pokemon came up I didn't even know. A black and white circle sort of thing, a green and goldish creature... I exited music analyzer, and then Demonic Jigglypuff came up. The sound became louder and louder and louder until.. it stopped, the GameBoy said: "Play" and exploded. I gathered up the parts and threw them away, They were later incinerated.

Ever since then Gameboys have scared me. I can't stop thinking about GameBoy PRO. I went on the internet to see if I could find anything, but nothing. Later, I got an email with a link. I clicked on it, and it went to a website, and it said: GameBoy PRO..Fo re ver y ou will P LA Y by Ni nt end o .... And my computer shut down forever.

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