Dear Reader, Due to the recent negative feedback, I have checked my grammar and spelling. Remember: Not all creepypasta have to be long.

Have you ever tried to hack a Wii game? Not that Hard, right? Well, it depends on where you get it from. One day, while cleaning my Room, I found my old copy of Super Mario Galaxy. I put it in my Wii and started it up, I remembered that I had already gotten all the stars as Mario and Luigi.

I was disappointed, because I wanted to play something new. So, I decided to look for Adventure Hacks for Super Mario Galaxy. The first result found was simply called “Goomba”. Excited, I thought this meant I could play as a goomba. When I clicked on the site, its name was “”. I then downloaded this “Hack” onto my SD card, and as soon as the transfer was complete, the page froze. When I refreshed, the page was the 404 message. I assumed the site was just down. I then put the SD card in my Wii and Booted it up, Wii Menu was normal, except where the Mii channel was, it just said “Channel.” I decided to check this out later, and I booted up the game.

But instead of being greeted with Mario saying “Super Mario Galaxy!” there was no voice at all. And the title just said “Galaxy.” When I went to the file select menu, all of my save files were gone, and a new one had appeared, The planet’s “Character” was a goomba, which i didn’t recall was one of the choices. It had 0 stars. When I started playing, it automatically took me to the first area as Mario, where you meet Rosalina for the first time. But there were no lumas or Rosalina.

In fact, I didn’t even have “Star Spin” but the launch star was already there (star spin only worked in launch or swing stars) the level had no enemies or puzzles. When I made it to the final room, I saw one goomba, and it looked frightened. When I ran up to it, the goomba ran away. A text box appears that says “Do it. Kill him.” It seemed the only thing I could do now was to kill him, for if i ran Mario into him, nothing would happen. When I jumped on him, the goomba squealed, and turned into a star, in which Mario took.

This star looked as in to be in pain. The screen faded out, and it did the standard flying-back-to-observatory animation, except Mario landed on the star in the middle of the observatory, which had engulfed the entire observatory, the star then went into the ground, and it engulfed Mario. The text box then said “I lied, Askew is the last one”. It was almost like he was talking to me directly. Scared, I went to the home menu, and went to “Channel”. It started normally, and took me directly to Mii Plaza.

There was only one Mii in the entire plaza, which disappointed me, because before the hack, I have about 100 Miis. I checked the Mii’s name, and again, just like many other things that happened, the Mii’s name was D. Askew. I went to delete him, but when I started carrying him, he started begging and pleading, saying “Don’t Kill me!” Eventually, I felt sorry for him and put him down.

Suddenly, A text box appeared saying “Kill him. HE is the last star.” I quickly turned my Wii off and turned it back on. Where “Channel” once was said “Dead Channel.” I regretfully opened this channel and was greeted with a mountain of dead bodies, all of these had a dent in their skull, almost like they got a concussion from getting stomped on.

Just then, my screen flickered onto Super Mario Galaxy and I saw a cut scene of Mario walking around the castle grounds, completely alone. He then said “This is how Askew died, your next.” I then quickly ejected the disk and snapped it in half. Since then, I have never turned on my Wii since, worrying that the virus may still be on the Wii itself.

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