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One time I was messging wit harvy slendymann in mabble yallowjckets weh n I ask impotent queston to ihm!!!!!! I aks “who waz the fone on the creppy pasta wiki em scared!!!” and tehn the slned man say, “you is GET OUT.jpg.avi.jpg.gif” and tehn zalgoo poped up on my scren nd sid too me taht I am nxt four his eivl expermiments nd he is gong kil me nd my cat!!!!!!!! Pleas help my becaus zalog wantys to kill me and taek may cat foru his eivl eexprmeints!!!!!! And tehn jeff n slendy n teh rak decid to shut me in stomah n I cugh up piss and go bye bye out windov!!! I scary cauz maksy my favoritest acto in the wole world did this whole eivl ting to meh. I sad and the $th wal no protect u cuz you is next from me. Alos I was watchan spenghebob and tehn sudden a crepy face pop out of teh tyevleision it was smile.png!!!!! I wsa scvared becuas it was da lost episod of seenfield!!!!!!!!!!!! Plese help me I am so scarred of wat the lost frazeer epsiod will do 2 me!!!! So tehn jeff n ben teemed up n said “lets get tis dumbass broooooooooooooo” n ben says “okey” n jeff say “radical cool by me” n slendy say “toaster oven” n jeff say “good point” n ben sayn “yea way2go selnndymannnn” soo jeff n ben n slendy n the rake n broseph n zalgo n smile.gif n lavendertownghostmanzombiealien n spongebob wit big eyes threw me out porthole n spengbab say dirty joke bout hole so zalgo eat him and trow him out two soo now the 89 of them live happily while im currently RIGHT BEHIND YOU!!!!!!!!! P.S. in a tank

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