Franklin tho

I'm sure that by now a lot of you have heard of Franklin and Beyond, the weird 3D cartoon on the YouTube.

Franklin and Beyond focuses on the life of a teenaged boy named Franklin and his friend Mr. Computer, who is a computer. The thing about Franklin and company is that they live on floating islands in the middle of nowhere. This is obviously not a real place for real people.

Franklin was a boy who was often abused by his father, who would often beat him with toast. Franklin had no friends because his father never allowed him to go outside except for school and whatever job he could get. Franklin's only "friend" was just a computer, whom he called "Mr. Computer", and considered it to be his only friend. Franklin's computer taught him some things about programming, so he tried to get a job in programming, but failed miserably. After hearing about his failure to get a job, his father beat him with toast again.

Franklin slowly descended into madness and began thinking that Mr. Computer was self-aware. He was found dead in his room one day and the computer's system32 was deleted. They were both dead, the father's abuse was found out and they put him in jail for two minutes because come on, it was just toast, and he hung himself before he was released. They were all dead.

So that's how Franklin and Beyond came to be. They all live on floating islands in the endless void, dead, and eventually some others died and joined them. The only reason we can watch the cartoon is because BonziBuddy films their adventures in the void and posts them on YouTube for his followers to see.

He's Franklin, and this, is his show.

He's Franklin, and this, is his show.

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