Hello, my name is *censored for creativity* and I worked as a janitor at niggerlodean *yes, it was an actual channel once* studios and I get to watch episodes daily before they air. Once, me and several other co-workers got to watch an episode of Army Friends before it aired. Usually, there are comical titles to the episodes, sort of work related chuckles, like a title would have a fake title like "Death To Japan" instead of "Helping Our Japanese Friends" so, when we saw the title was Pvt. Marlin Loses it, we shrugged it off and continued with the episode. It started with Sarge talking to Cap'n Bawyer. Suddenly, the characters scrapes got hyper-realistic. It was unexpected. Then, Pvt. Marlin killed Cap'n Bawyer with a flamethrower! I was so scared, I combusted and one of the interns teleported out of the room. Then, a quick picture lasted one frame, so we had to rewind the tape, where we saw a corpse. It was Sarges. It was so scary, I combusted again, and we continued with the episode. Then, we heard screaming, and Pinkie Pie was holding a toilet, then a voice said "Go home and be a family man!", and Jackson Buerette died hyper-realisticly. Then, the tape suddenly exploded, so that's why I can't show you the video. My friend commited suicide later, and his note said "My penis was too erect". Then, I visited his anus and then a banana popped out.

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