Pink starfish II

I was an intern at Nickolodean, or whatever you call it. Don't believe me? Screw you. Anyway, we get to see episodes before they air, and today we were doing so, like usual. We saw this Spongebob Episode called Patrick's Day Off, all the credits were Pedobear. But anyway, it was just a morbid joke. When we started watching, it was just a normal episode. A bunch of my coworkers got sick for some reason, and started puking. Then a guy got an imaginary rope and hung himself on a fan! But wait! We didn't have a fan! Then the episode when to Candle Cove, then a picture of Evil Patrixxx, but then the T.V. exploded so I blew up the tape, and was fired for it... DEN SPUNJBOB EN PATRIXXX POOPED OUT AND KILLED ME OH NOESSS

den skeleton pop out.


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