I was on the Internet one day and looking for an Ermahgerd meme that was actually funny. I found one that said, "Ermahgerd, BLERD" There was a vein on the girl's arm that was very visible in the picture. The vein burst, as if it was a .gif. MS paint Sanic blood poured out. Then, a bandage was put on the arm. It had Evil Otto on it.

Ermahgerd girl screamed at the camera. I knew this because I heard it. It took -3.1415926535 seconds for her to stop.

"Yo dawg, I heard you like death. So I made death experience death so you could die to someone who is died."

I turned around. It was the devil, aka Nickelback. All of them played their guitars. One guitar was shaped like a demon sword, one was a demon axe, one was a demon hammer, and one was a death scythe.

I'm still lifeing to the best of my ability. I'm stuck inside a Nickelback suit. Luckily for you, I don't have an actual ending to this terrible trollpasta.

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