one day i was looking through my old games from like 6437 B.C until i found a game labeled with do not play called... donkey dong suck. or at least thats what the cartridge seemed like. I think it was called... I couldn't tell; it looked like it said "Death of..." but the rest was too faded to read. Suddenly, all the lights turned off and my monitor was on, and it unleashed all of the cliches! so i put it in my atari 9001 and played it and the title screen had blood! and then i closed the game and sold it but then the game reappeared on my table today and when I picked it up... I heard echos, it was saying "YOU ARE DEAD." it was a new game with sonic dead on it. I started to f4p against my will... with the game still in hand. My small sausage started bleeding and then i was forced to play the game. it melted into a anonymous mask, and then that turned into a yellow skull, and then the game turned into a girl and became my long lost girlfriend i had in my dreams when i was 5. The game then broke, and it was never seen again. but then i became 5 years old and watched dora. dora got executed along with caillou and dora came out of the tv and had bleeding eyes and gave me the game back! THEN I WOKE UP IN A SONIC GAME AND HEARD LAUGHING THAT SOUNDED DEEP AND EVIL WITH BLOOD EVERYHWERE ON THE TREES! I was shocked at how I suddenly became 15 years younger. then dora jumped out and replaced my head with hers. Then someone started crying, then i heard screams saying "AHHHHHH". and then i heard a voice, it said.... "encrypted". my eyesight cut off and I fell. then i died. THEN SONIC CAME WITH SHARP TEETH AND BLOOD, RIPPING OFF MY DORA HEAD AND REPLACED HIS EYEBALLS WITH THEM. then a dora doll came out of nowhere. i woke up in a dark room and started farting. then evil spongebob walked in front of me from the shadows. then a phone called but who was phone? IT WAS MYSELF FROM ANOTHER DIMENSION WARNING ABOUT SOMETHING! evil spongebob forcefully made me watch youtube poops. the phone said "DESTROY THE GAME, HE'S COMI---" and then it cut off. he gave me a massager, saying "its dangerous to go alone, take this!". SO THATS WHAT I WAS TRYING TO WARN MYSELF FROM! then i woke up, it was all a dream. The object was a shrunken head. BUT I WAS INSIDE DR. EGGMAN'S BODY. UH-OH! but i was in megatron's ship. Everything went black but I kept hearing the awful scream. my bed has dora bedsheets. then there was a game on my bed, the game that i played... I saw two eyes and awful teeth then I fell to the floor, then suddenly A SPOOKY SCARY SKELYTON POPPED OUT! AND THEN SUDDENLY, DEAD POKEMON ROSE FROM THE DEAD AND LOOKED AT ME WITH EMPTY BLACK BLOODY EYES; ASKING ME WHY I HAD ABANDONED THEM! i got up from the floor and ran around in an afro, BUT THE POKEMON WOULDNT STOP FOLLOWING ME! I tripped over then a ash who had grey skin said "Gotta catch 'em all" in a raspy voice an then stabbed me in the gut. then i teleported to the tv dimension and got stuck in the tv show dora the explorer! BLOODY POKEMON HEADS SPEWED OUT OF ME, MY VISION FADING! then casper the mean ghost pooped on ash. then dora was bloody and i saw swiper dead! so then sonic came up behind me, tackled me, and i passed out. As my vision faded, I saw that Sonic's eyes were.... empty. so then i cried myself to the void coming upon me. Sonic then whispered in my ear "You're my coin now" in a evil-calm voice. i woke up, realizing i was strapped to a floor in a blue room. I kept hearing sonics evil laugh telling me to wake up and gotta go fast hahahaah! Sonic came closer, trapping me.... in a cartridge.BUT THEN MY VISION GOT BLURRED AND TURNED INTO TAILS' POINT OF VIEW; I COULD SEE SONIC WITH BLOODY EMPTY EYES WALKING TOWARDS ME WITH A MEAT CLEAVER.....

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