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Once upon a time, I played a game. This just wasn't any NORMAL game, now. This game was downright HORRIFYING. When you press start, You are greeted with a man in red standing to the left, exactly where he was on the title screen. Then you figure out how to move forward. You then encounter your first enemy. It is terrifiying! It's... undescribable! It walks toward you with looks that could kill. You press everything, but you have no shoot button! It inches closer and closer, but then as it is the closest to you, you can jump! You jump on it, and you squish it immediatley. Then you have a sense of sorrow for the thing, beacause it looked pitiable when you squished it. You move forward, Then you find blocks floating in the sky above you. You jump to it, not knowing what will happen. A fungus pops out. You pick it up, it makes you GIANT. You move forward, jumping over sewage pipes, stomping on more THINGS, but then... You see a 6 ft. gap in front of you. You try to jump across, but you fail. You fell. Horrific music plays and you get scared so you quit. You wanna try it out? I'll tell ya the name, but DON'T SAY I DIDN'T WARN YOU! The game is called Super Mario Bros.

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