Преузимање (25)
 (made by Xtremegamer297)One day my Toilet came to life and ran out of my house.

The next day police reported OVER 9000! poopz on the street

Section heading

A few months later i saw the Toilet S*itting on a guy,and i was in a desperate need of a dump so i decided to sneak up on it.

I did it and i took a dump in it but it turned out the poop was a Leonidas (the sparta guy!) so it kicked me while yelling stuff about SPARTA!Good thing i was not on a cliff.I pissed my pants out of fear and it turned out the piss was Peanut Butter Jelly time Banana.So i started crying out of fear and it turned out the tears were a Skeleton so they killed me and the world blew up.


3 days after the world was rebuilt.

We have gathered here today to honor the guys Pants that got murdered in the incident of Pissing.They were very special Pants.He wore them...that day and i have no freeking idea what to do so lets move to the next victim.

The...toilet,it got crapped on and now its F*CKING STINKY!!!! And they all choked from the stinkiness and died.The end and they all didnt live happily ever after!

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