I don't have time to speak, something is after me. Since I don't have enough time, let's just get this story over with.

It was December 15, 2007. It was my 15th birthday, to be exact. I was working a night shift at my job at Mcdonald's. My shift had ended, and I went home. As I was really tired, I layed on my bed for a bit; I couldn't fall asleep, and decided to go on my laptop for a bit until I got tired enough. I was surfing Google for games, movies, etc. until I noticed a 7th result, labeled under "Dorky's Revenge". As you expect, I was curious and double-clicked it.

It brought me to a MediaFire page, where I downloaded the file, which only took about 5 minutes to download. I opened up the folder and viewed the files. The only file was a .avi file, called "Dorkyrevenge.avi". I clicked it, but it wouldn't play. Then I clicked it again, and it finally played.

The first thing I noticed was that there were bits of film grain throughout the whole video (similar to one of those 80s films). It started off normally, with the intro of Fiddle and Diddle. The animation was a bit choppy and quite shaky; it reminded me of Ed, Edd n Eddy's animation style, but crudely drawn. The episode started in Diddle's house, he was looking for Fiddle. 

"Gee," he said, worried. "I wonder where he could be?"

The audio went up 10%, getting scraggly and muffled. The screen went black for 10 minutes before sounds of Diddle crying could be heard. These weren't cartoony cries, they were more hurt and depressed cries, almost sounding like a real person crying in pain. The shot came back, showing Diddle inside Dorky's house. 

Although the audio was muffled, I could hear Diddle say, "What are you gonna do with me?" Dorky didn't answer, but he did grab a knife off a table. The knife had several bloodstains on it. He raised the knife in the air and then jabbed it down on Diddle. An ear piercing screech came from him, almost making me go deaf and scaring the living daylight out of me. The screen suddenly went black, I heard the sound of splattered blood, and a loud skull cracking noise.

The video closed, and unexpectedly deleted itself. I wasn't able to watch it again. I heard sounds of laughter coming from the hallway. I don't dare close that door.

The next day, I saw my laptop was filled with files; all had the name, "Dorky_is_watching_you.jpg" I hastily clicked on it, and the image shown up. It was of Dorky smiling, staring right at me with hyper-realistic eyes. The text above him read: "I AM STILL WATCHING YOU."

Once I saw it, I immediately smashed my laptop to kingdom come. I could still hear Dorky's laughter, although the video was deleted.

I need to rest.

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