Let's get this out of the way... I'm a massive Doctor Who nerd! Every day I'm checking out YouTube to see spoilers and leaks for the new series. I was searching Internet Explorer to see if there are any lost episodes for Doctor Who. I found a link to DropBox where a supposed lost episode from the 2nd Doctor era was. I download it. It was called DoctorWho.exe. I skimmed and scanned through the episode. It looked pretty cool, but I didn't understand why they had scrapped it.

With a few minutes of thinking, I thought I should invite all my fellow Doctor Who fans around to my house, and I could project the episode onto my 3D TV. I gave out invites to this party, and everyone that I'd invited had come around. We ordered some pizzas from Pizza Hut and soon enough.. The episode was on! It started off with the title sequence and then the title appeared. It read, 'The Doctor's Final Adventure. By Jeremy Fitzjerald.'

'Final Adventure?' I thought, 'but Doctor Who only just began then!'

The title slowly faded into the episode. The opening shot was of the 2nd Doctor sobbing at a grave. The grave read, 'Susan Foreman. Died March 16th 2299.' The Doctor's sobbing turned into crying, then from crying to shouting out 'Why didn't you take me instead?' He then hopped inside the TARDIS and took off. He said, 'March 28th 1987, here I come!'  Immediately, one of my friends shouted out that that was the date of Patrick Troughton's (the actor of the 2nd doctor) actual death date! He landed in a place that looked dark, glooming and red. There was a coffin. Suddenly, a skeleton popped out.

As soon as the skeleton popped out, the 2nd Doctor took out a gun and shot himself. You could see hyper-realistic blood coming out of his nose, ears, eyes and mouth. At this point us fans were vomitting and crying. A director came out of nowhere and said, 'Cut!' Paramedics arrived on the scene, and you could here one of them slowly repeating, 'he's dead.' Then it cut to static and remained like that for rest of the episode. It was nothing like the episode I had skimmed and scanned through earlier! I turned the projection off. All of a sudden, Patrick Troughton's ghost appeared and killed us all. The last words I ever heard were, 'You know too much.'

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