This is a story about how to boy's worlds got flip turned upside down.

There were two boys named Jim and Tim who had no friends.

One day another boy name Tom came up to them and said "Have you guys ever played COD?".

And Tim said "Why would we play a fish?".

Then tom explained that it was a video game.

Tom then invited them to his house to play it.

They both said yes.

So they were at Toms house.

Tom put in the game (just kidding it was already in).

And every fiber of Tim's body screamed "MLG".

Tim picked up the controller.

Tom said "You hold it like this RT fires LT-" "I KNOW" yelled Tim.

"Okay...sorry" whimpered Tom.

"Hey calm down" said Jim.

But Tim ignored him and started playing.

As soon as a match started Tim's character spun in circles shooting,each shot killing somebody.

"360" yelled Tim.

"MLG 1337" Tim roared.

And the moment the match ended the controller took Tim's soul leaving nothing but a skeleton.

"Get rekt scrubs smoke weed every day mountain dewritos" the skeleton whispered.

And that not the worst part for Tim is you, and Tim is skeleton, so you are spooky skeleton.

And you died. The End.

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