You're in the forest.  It's 12 o'clock at night.  You don't know how, or why you're there, but you are.  You hear noises in the trees.  The bushes rustle.  You begin to walk on a path. The path becomes wider.  Blood stains everywhere.  A cry for help in the distance.  You begin to run towards it.  You get closer.  Closer.  The cry becomes a blood-curdling scream of terror.  Blood pours out from a bush.  A blood-soaken scalp with matted hair is thrown in front of you.  The trees begin to move towards you.  You try to run, but you can't.  They're now walls. The walls are closing in.  The mysterious figure is now going to murder you.  He crawls out of the bush, hands covered in hair and blood.  He stands.  Looks you in the eye.  While pulling out his knife, he says, "I'm Happy Appy!" and juices you.  But that's not the creepy part...


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