This is the video that DeadMutahar.exe played.


The demonic desktop background of Mutahar.




This all started when I beat Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door. Something I wasnt able to do for 10 years. After that, I got bored. So I looked up "porn" on YouTube. SomeOrdinaryGamers' video popped up. The 'Destroy The Porn' lets play. I love SomeOrdinaryGamers and I have a crush on Mutahar so I decided to watch it. After watching it, I wanted to watch a creepypasta. Mutahar's sexy deep voice adds to the scariness. I saw a new video, uploaded 666 seconds ago. That made me pee because I am a scaredy cat. I had to put on new underpants. The video was named "Haunted Gaming - YOU WILL DIE (CR33PYP4STA)." I clicked on it and my browser crashed. But what happened next was *gasp* shocking. My desktop background was Mutahar with black eyes and red pupils. His eyes were bleeding. Under that *gasp* shocking photo was this text. "Go to sleep. Teehee." I was lucky enough to catch a screenshot. Then, the browser went back up. A video of played. It was Mutahar singing. But then it got demonic. The browser closed and a file popped up on my desktop. It was called DeadMutahar.exe. It played the same video. Before launching it, I got fraps out for proof, so I have it on video. After it played. It crashed. Now when I sleep. I see the demonic but still sexy Mutahar singing that demonic song.

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