hi guys u want a maesrinit for the ried? *ride *martein *martini


ok so ther was this awesum game that i bought and it was 2 creppy 4 me cuz it was hacked n shit or haunted w/e u prefer

then i gueess i sotra died? * guess *srota *rosta *fuck it

but then was the scary part cuz i wasnt really dead HAHA GOT U BITCH

so then i jsut got bureid alive but i remrmber thos tips 2 escpae from turmblr or fakffnbook or ytwetrr or something idk but i did that shit and got out

then i walkesd hoem to get mahself som,e booze but it stardsged raining and im pretty sure it was alslo with lgihtnijn and shit *lightnsegn *leisning *lightning

but when i got home ther was this CREEESAFESFPPYYYY note on the door written in blood and it was shcary as hell so i was like “””””’””brb guys goota think straigth 4 a sec””””’’ and then i said fuck it and walked insidne and then my mom was aaldsmost dead or somting and she was bleeding and i said “mom wat the fuk hapend” and she said “its tghe evil” aand i said “i must kill the evil” a nd thens he said “no roxy u r the evil” and then i was ded

n alsoe gostss caem out 

again???? *ghoss *gostt *ghoos *ghosts *ceam *cmae *fuck it




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