Des is wut teh trompet looked liek

Yisterday, I bot a trumpit off of ebiy for 45 dolars. Wen it arrived at my howz, it wuz a gold trumpit, which wuz werd cuz trumpetz r yooshally sulvir. Wen I tok out teh trumpt, it cummed with blod red valv oil an a corroded mouth piece. i pit teh blod red valve ol into mai trompet an wen i pley et, it spurt blod all ovur mai wal. I went to slep and then i hed a nitemaer about a trompet eatin me aliv. Wen i wok up, a trumboen wuz settin next tu my deth trompet. I went tu teh batroom to hied an tek a big nastee shet. Teh trombpet an trumboen falowd me an tehn they kelld me. teh trombun used itz slide to fuk me in teh assholes and teh trumpot suofucated me. I ded in teh end cuz thatz how i wrot tes creepypasta.

SH*TPASTAS - Playstation Suffer & Super Mario FX Prototype

SH*TPASTAS - Playstation Suffer & Super Mario FX Prototype

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