It all started one day when I was watching some YouTube Poops and I saw a video response called ‘SCARIEST ZELDA CDi POOP!!!1!!!!!ONE!!!!!’ so I watched it and everything was normal and I thought that’s not scary. But I was WRONG. I was about to click the red X to close IE9 but then something made me want keep watching when I did it showed Impa. She was not normal she had no eyes just empty sockets with blood coming out where her eyes should be. The video was like that for about 30 seconds when she turned to the screen and said “I’M COMING FOR YOU” then she turned back to Zelda and then let out a hellish scream it sounded like she was being decapitated, burnt alive and being raped all at the same time. Then it showed Zelda. She looked as if she had been to hell and back bits of flesh were falling off her and you could see bones sticking out of her. The scary thing was that it looked extremely realistic, not like the standard CDi graphics I had ever seen. Then Impa turned to the screen again and said “YOU CAN RUN AND HIDE BUT I WILL JUST KILL YOU!” And then a badly-drawn Stalfos popped out.

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