i.avi am.avi telling.avi you.avi that.avi this.avi story.avi is.avi real.avi

I.avi was.avi walking.avi down.avi the.avi street.avi and.avi when.avi I.avi turned.avi the.avi corner.avi and.avi saw.avi a.avi video.avi store.avi

I.avi walked.avi into.avi the.avi store.avi to.avi look.avi for.avi a.avi a.avi horror.avi movie.avi

I.avi found.avi a.avi couple.avi of.avi good.avi ones.avi so.avi I.avi decided.avi to.avi rent.avi them.avi

It.avi turns.avi out.avi that.avi the.avi videos.avi I.avi rented.avi were.avi cursed.avi but.avi I.avi didn't.avi find.avi out.avi until.avi I.avi popped.avi it.avi into.avi my.avi VHS.avi

The.avi first.avi video.avi was.avi called.avi "666.avi" and.avi was.avi an.avi hour.avi long.avi

It.avi had.avi clips.avi of.avi dying.avi animals.avi and.avi people.avi with.avi no.avi eyes.avi

The.avi next.avi video.avi was.avi called.avi "WHO.avi WAS.avi PHONE.avi"

This.avi one.avi was.avi only.avi 10.avi seconds.avi long.avi and.avi was.avi probably.avi the.avi scariest.avi out.avi of.avi the.avi 3.avi I.avi bought.avi

It.avi consisted.avi of.avi a.avi couple.avi that.avi was.avi watching.avi a.avi movie.avi and.avi then.avi the.avi phone.avi rang.avi and.avi it.avi said.avi that.avi DAD.avi was.avi calling.avi but.avi DAD.avi was.avi dead.avi so.avi WHO.avi WAS.avi PHONE.avi

The.avi last.avi video.avi that.avi there.avi was.avi was.avi "DEAD.avi BORT.avi"

It.avi was.avi 10.avi minutes.avi long.avi and.avi had.avi a.avi video.avi of.avi Bort.avi dying.avi because.avi he.avi fell.avi fell.avi off.avi the.avi back.avi of.avi a.avi horse.avi and.avi landed.avi in.avi a.avi pile.avi of.avi horse.avi crap.avi

His.avi parents.avi then.avi threw.avi his.avi body.avi in.avi the.avi fire.avi and.avi laughed.avi evily.avi for.avi the.avi last.avi 5.avi minutes.avi

I.avi burned.avi the.avi videos.avi but.avi they.avi keep.avi reappearing.avi so.avi I.avi went.avi to.avi to.avi the.avi local.avi mental.avi hospital.avi and.avi turned.avi myself.avi in.avi

So.avi here.avi I.avi am.avi at.avi in.avi my.avi cell.avi

If.avi you.avi find.avi the.avi videos.avi that.avi I.avi watched.avi do.avi not.avi watch.avi them.avi or.avi else.avi you.avi may.avi end.avi up.avi in.avi a.avi mental.avi hospital.avi like.avi me.avi

Maybe.avi youre.avi NEXT!!!!!.avi

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