This all started after I read this page... thats when Cleo Shae started chasing me...

This story is not a creepypasta. You have to believe me! I had such little time to write this... please... I still have not much time left...

I used to be normal... and I used to be a bit skeptic too... but that all changed, when I read that cursed page. Don't click that link, or you'll be cursed to have wet dreams for the rest of your life. After I did, I started having nightmares. Nightmares about the number 666 being all around me. I was scared and sleepless.

I woke up screaming from my nightmare. My mom busted into the room. When I told her I had a nightmare, she told me I was being a complete pussy and that I should man up. She always called me awful names. I've put up with it for all my life.

So, I wrote a poem. Buy Subways Flatizza's for only $3.00! After writing the poem, it looked like this:

"Don't ever try to fight Cleo. She will haunt you. =

Look at yourself and think: I am stronger than her.

Behind all your skin, you will find Subway's Flatizzas.

You are great. Now go scrub the toilets."

Now take the first words of every sentence. That's my message to you.

Afterwords, my dad, being the extreme drunkard he is, was clicking through 4Chan. Then he downloaded a file and left the computer forgetting he even did so. He called me a "donkey raping Slender man" then left. I looked at the file... and it was a file called "Supersuicide.avi". When I opened up the file... it showed people being tossed into a paper shreddar! Blood splattered all over the screen, as they screamed for cash so the monster that was shredding their arm could go to Napsville... then the organs flew outside the window. Then the band downstairs playing the dramatic music through their organs out the window. The pipe organs, the jazz organ... it all splattered as blood flew everywhere!!! My computer then got the blue screen of death. Then, I saw blood all over the house when I looked away from the screen!

It was awful! I suffered insanity as I watched the hyper-realistic eye sockets become empty...

After returning from Subway, I went on Cleverbot. And she said I was a candyass.exe. I was shocked to see this... and I started crying. My mom called me a jack-off failed bat. I was about to burst into tears... when suddenly... I had passed out. I woke up in a laboratory... and they were taking me in to be tested for superhuman abilities. A housecat was watching, and smiled at me. I felt angry, and punched the glass. It broke, and I ran out. I then got a knife, and carved the words 'I HATE YOU' on my arm....

After I thought it was all over... it happened again!! The shit happened to me again! I grew out curly, long hair... and I put my hand on my face, and yelled "Oh jeez... Not THIS shit again!"

Then I went to my mom. I cut her up so much, then I cut my dad, then I cut the previous paragraph and pasted it below me!

(Before I go on, there may be a killer doll behind you... assuming you read that "page"... *gasp* THE DOLL! ITS BEHIND YOU!!!)

My shadow was dancing. And it was trying to scare me. It kept saying "Go to napsville" over and OVER AND OVER again. Then it mentioned "You used the Jeff formula. You cut your self, killed your parents... now be Jeff... the more better..." and I realized it was right. I then yelled "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"... then began my killing rampage...

My eyes turned into the Apple Inc. logo... and then... I noticed they were abnormal...

After that, I realized... I WAS CLEO SHAE. And I saw the anger within the corner of my eyes flooding through me! I was angered. Then, all of a sudden, a ghost possessed me. It was Cleo Shae. He possessed me... then... I... now.. NOw YoUU...

YOU'RE NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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