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WARNING: This erotic gay fanfiction contains a lot of faggotry an sexiness in it. It may also contain vulgar language, consensual rape, communism, nazism and other content some may find offensive. If you are under the age of 75 or do not wish to view the content of the story, please leave now. Thank you!

Oh! And also, this fanfiction is satire, which means it is only meant as a joke and not taken seriously. If you take this seriously, then I will post my personal information just to find and kill me. Thanks for reading and enjoy this lustful hellhole.

The Trump Tower, 1:00 AM. It was a pitch black, cold and rainy night, with almost no street lights visible. In one of the tower's locked places, there lays two men, and one of them is a well-known Russian homophobe-ERR, I mean president we all call for "Vladimir Putin". The other one is an orange fat freak who hates Muslims and Mexicans for no reason, and his name is Donald Trump. Putin himself was tied up, laying on the floor in a helpless manner. Trump on the other hand was standing in front of him, and he crossed his arms, while staring at the poor helpless man.

Putin: Ughh, I? And how did I end up here?

Trump: What's the matter, sweetie? Lost your way? Aww, how adorable!

Putin: Gah! Is that you, Donald J. Trump!? You know that World War III hasn't begun yet!

Trump intentionally teased and humiliated Putin, but the Russ prez himself didn't know that it was Mr. Trump who captured and sent him to an empty place you wouldn't describe as being "blank".

Trump: Who cares about World War III? Soon I will become the supreme leader of Nazi America, and Russia would go backwards to being the Soviet Union again! And also, don't call me Mr. Trump please. It's too childish.

Putin: Mother Russia will never become the Soviet Union ever again, cyka!

Trump: Well, too bad. But first, I have to test out a government experiment I taught in prison.

Putin: I swear, if you're going to mention ISIS, then I will shove my fist up your ass!

Trump: Interesting offer. But still, you will need to praise my masterpiece of prison rape.

Trump then starts to take the ropes off Putin, positions him and begins to thrust his genital herpes-infected dick inside Putin's tiny ass, making him and scream in agony over lava cum (similar to a loud nigra).

Trump: Do you like what you deserve, bad boy!?


Trump: As you wish, cutie!

Trump then did as Putin requested, and it lasted for approximately 15 minutes before one of the room's windows ultimately exploded due to Putin's loud moaning.

Putin: Now what?

Trump: This fun isn't over yet, because there's more and I know you'll like it even more!

Putin: No! It's alright, I've already been fu--

Trump then begins to lick Putin's right nipple and biting it, making him scream even louder due to the pressure caused by Trump's teeth. Next, he starts jerking and sucking his cock in order to get delicious cum. Trump later takes Putin to another room, throws him to a bed, and ties and gags him. Trump then fucks Putin in the ass one more time, but his screams came out of muffling.

Trump: Now, since the new experiment was done, let's hear my sweet angel's voice.

Trump carefully un-gagged Putin to reveal his face, but the ropes tied on his body were still kept.

Putin:'s so hot here, and I'm sweating like hell.

Trump: That's for sure, the temperature of this room.

Putin: Before we end, would you like to do it one more time?

Trump: Exactly! Let's make this night last forever!

~~Le fin~~

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