How it all began (you know, the "incident")

One day, i was chilling watching Family Guy on ma telly. After family guy (I was watching on ITV2) the announcer guy said: Up next is, uhh. Wii dont hav a title 4 da next show so ill just have it on.

The nex sow to come up wos a bad cgi film and it seid: botmin and roobin. the botmin title went in the sky as it showed a cgi Ahnald Shcworzinegair yelling: Get to da choppa while he flied away with his arms and gun functioning a helicop propelar. Ahnald then fell into a vat full of ice or likwid hydrogin.

It skipped to botmin and he looked like gorge clooooooooniey but as a child. Roobin was doin thie russain dence with poisan iveey.

Next shot showd a bald, blue ahnald saying: Naaaaoo! My heid is bauhld and may skin is blu!! NAHHHHHHH!

Botmin and roobin found mista frieize (ahnald;s niew name) in a bathroom stall making a popsicle while ballansing a wotar bottle on his bald colld heid. In front of botmin said a red colored text in comic sanas botmin and for some raisin it had a t spelling "botmint" while roobin had "bin" in frant of hiem.

Something reelly reely realy reely reeeeeeeeeeeely scary and unexpected hapypend to botmint and bin,


reael raw footige of botmin turning into a bux of mints

Botmin turned into a box of mints! DUN DUN DUN. WILE roobin turned into a BIN!! WA WA WA!

Mista frieize face durr planted into da ground and a bin dogggy pieled on him and the pack of mints, pissing out mentos piled inside the bin to find a hobo . da hohbo turned into tomy lee jons two feces (two face) and poison ivy jamp to da moon and lied down. and the movieie endid

I couldn;t sleep this night and i herd a voiioce yelling,

It wos EVIL PATRIXXX EATING MENTOS AND THROWING DA mento paket in a bin. den a skeltun poped out of patrix bum and into zthe bin. OHH NOO. OBEY PATERIXX DA SAVIOUR LORD

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