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A story by NightmareLane

Dear reader,

I am writing this to let everyone know why I am doing this... And what happened. I'm not going to give you my name because that would be stupid seems how the cops are after me already. So a few days ago I got out of bed for school. I hated that school. The teachers were complete dickheads. I got my bag and waited outside for the bus. It was a cloudy day. there was barley any sunlight. I got on the bus and had an unsettling feeling about how the day was going to go. But then again, my family and some of my friends have told me that I get to weirded out and nervous sometimes. I looked out the window as the bus drove by the houses and the woods. It is a small town, where the weather is almost always bad. The next time the bus stopped I saw a giant dark figure running towards the bus. The dumb ass parent was taking so long to say goodbye to her precious little child. I hollered "Start driving! quick!" the bus driver looked at me like I was crazy. I was terrified. The tall dark creature was getting closer. I was anxious for that kid to get on the bus. Finally the bus started moving when the kid got on. The dark figure had... disappeared? This didn't make any sense. I was scared none the less. I could feel the goosebumps coming up on my skin. They went away quickly, though. As the bus ride continued the bus got more and more full of kids talking about there stupid 'Middle School Drama' I found a shard of glass on the bus floor. I wanted to take it and slice there throats open. No, I didn't want to do that. Little did I know... oh the little did I know. The rest of the day went on as usual. I sat with my friends Leo and Max at lunch. "Yo, did you here the roomer going around?" I finished chewing the food in my mouth "...No, What?" Leo laughed. "People are saying that you have lice!" Leo had started to be a jerk to me for a while. Siding with the kids being jerks, It was about time I told him what I think. "How can you laugh about this? You know I hate those kids." I then proceeded to make my hand into a fist and munch him in the nose as hard as I could. I watched him fall to the floor as blood rushed from his nose as he whimpered in pain. "Asshole." I said to him. Max was normally quiet. but this time he spoke out. "What the fuck?" he said. I smiled at him "You want some too buddy? I held up my now bloody fist." He ran to go tell. People were gathering around the bloody little Fuck head on the ground. I walked away, Right outside. I walked back to my house. avoiding the secretary office so that I didn't get caught. I walked down the road by my house for hours. Not going home. I don't know what I was thinking to be honest... It later got dark. I tripped on a stick when a car was coming towards me. Out of desperation not to get hit I jumped into the woods. I hit my head against a rock. Hours later I woke up. I must have hit my head really hard to fall asleep... I heard talking and saw flashlights coming down the road. I looked to see Two of the kids who were jerks to me. Brody and Alex. As I stepped out of the woods Alex said to Brody "Ha! Look it's lice boy!" They both laughed. Now was my perfect change. As they were busy laughing I grabbed Alex's head and bashed it against a rock. each time I gave a reason for each back until I heard a bizarre cracking sound and saw brains explode everywhere. I could tell Millard was still barley alive but suffering. I then caught Brody trying to escape. But I did catch up to him Eventually. I made him lay on the ground face down to the downhill going road. I then put both of my hands on his head and said "Time for a bumpy ride!" and proceeded to slide his head down the tar road and forced him to go downhill with my hands on his head until I saw a trail of blood. I then grabbed him by his hair. His mangled face made me laugh... I then dragged him up to Alex and Bashed Brody and Alex's heads together into one mangled mess. I heard cop sirens behind me. Someone must have seen and called the police. I fell to my knees when I felt hands touching my shoulders. When I turned behind me I saw the shadow. I ran into the forest as it chased after me. I eventually tripped and fell and the dark figure reached to pull me up. I had no other options or it would kill me, or at least i thought it would. It then introduced itself as a being named Mr. Pine who said in a warped whisper "You think its fun, don't you? You like the feeling of killing others, don't you?" It was true. I did like the feeling of knowing that I inflicted death onto others... He said "Why don't you just do it more? Dedicate your life to it?" It sounded sick. I didn't want to. But a small side of me did. I let that small side grow more and more, until I accepted it... It was fun! I enjoyed it!

Later that day a teenager was sitting on her bed with her laptop when her parent's left. She then heard a door creek. She figured it was the cat so continued playing online. the then heard a Thump. Thump. Thump. on the stairs that she ignored. about 10 minutes later she looked out the dark hallway to see Me, a figure with a white mask and a dagger looking at her. She turned off the try to cut off my vision and hid in the closet. she then heard her door open about 6 minutes later. she heard Thump. Thump. Thump Again, but this time, in her room. she saw the closet door open as I laughed at her. I picked her up and placed her in a chair in the attic along with her dead parents. He then proceeded to carve a raven into her neck. That would be my new mark, to show I was there. By carving an innocent, little, raven into my victims necks.

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