Max payne 3 2012 game-wide

front cover of it i took this

on march 25th 2012 i was on ebay looking for a bootleg max payne 3 game because i was looking for a game of max payne 3 and couldnt wait for the release of it

i saw one by a guy who was selling it called maxshdgodie666 it was weird though since  there was no pic and it only costed 0 dollers but i thought wow this is awsome i can get max payne 3 before anyone else.

it took 666 days before it arived though but oh well i got to play before anyone else because the release date was may 18th 2012

i couldnt wait jumping up and down with exitement i opened the package but the cover was weird every one on it was bleading but i just thought it was scratshed and it didnt say rockstar games presents or the title (i will show pic i took)

i opened the booklet but all it said on each padge was play the game charlie this scared me a little as charlie was my dead great great grandpa

once the game started it played creepy music almost like jaws music and maxs face got closer to the game i selected multiplayer and it said play single player nothing here but a xam enyap daed but this was odd it showed max dead wtf read it backwards it says dead max payne i went on single player after that

it gave me option for difficulty and aim aim options were hard lock soft lock and 666 it said i had to beat 666 mode to unlock rest then i got difficulty options they were easy normal and hell i tried to select normal cuz im too cool for easy lol but they were both locked so i selected hell

at the start max was bleeding hyper realistic blood and passos was there it was weird they spoke really odd and i couldnt here what they were saying passos then startid crying and killed himself this scared me as that dont usually happen in most games

the game started i walked and i shot a guy then the game froze with the words never play again you should go to sleep 

i had nightmares to this day after this happened i never played max payne again.

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