• RookieKnight

    trollpasta wiki rant

    November 27, 2017 by RookieKnight

    the christmas layout looks very nice

    i don't like it when people post stories that are unfunny and then whine about it when they get deleted but neither do the admins i guess

    ok rant over

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  • MikeDikenike

    One day, my brother and I decided to hunt for some yet to be discovered glitches, for we, the both of us, have shared this fascination for ages. We booted up Pokemon red on our old yet trustworthy Gameboy, for these games are notorious for their easy and accessible glitches. But little did we know that this innocent hunt, to quench nothing but our curiosity, was going to be far more than a simple gaming session... 

    To our despair, we noticed that the save battery had ran dry, we lost all our precious data! Our beloved companions we had cherished for so long! It seemed like we needed to complete this quest without our friends of yore. And so we ascended, to a new start, Ragnarok, courageous and determined! 

    We named our character Bubbero, aft…

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  • FlowerOfTheWind

    Here is a list of my predictions which will happen in the future. 

    1. The anime-style dating sim Eternal Hour will be the most overrated game of that year, and the fandom will be composed of little kids, hentai art, shipping, and cringeworthy stuff there which will be an actual plague to the fandom. There will also be cringe comps and people asking to be killed by the firing squad.
    2. Donald Trump will be assassinated in November 23, 2017 at 11:30 PM on a Thursday. 
    3. The Powerpuff Girls reboot is going to get cancelled in February 2018 by Cartoon Network
    4. iFunny is going to remove all DDLG and other kink/fetish-related stuff on its app by August 28 (The iFunny Revolution).
    5. All MGTOW, fundamentalist Christian bashing LGBT and claiming everything is Sata…
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  • Several Cakes

    "I'm a big fan of Wikia, much like everyone else. I really like hard science fiction, which basically means I get angry whenever I see a warp drive or a Klingon. I'm triggered by almost everything, but mostly by people poking me. Why I'm telling people who will never contact me this, I don't know.

    My favourite (I'm Australian, so I spell things correctly) show is Bokurano, my favourite colour is pink and my favourite food is cake. Several cakes, in fact HAHAHAHAHAHAHACOUGHSHITCOUGH.

    I like being happy. I try to make others happy, and sometimes that doesn't work. But I'm good at making people frightened. So I'll put some effort into doing that. I'm going to start writing creepypasta. But I won't give up on making people happy."

    Several Cakes, …

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  • Skrumbop

     I was at a garage sale with my mom and I bought a copy of Donkey Kong 64, "WOW!" I said "I cannot wait to play this one." My mom handed me the cartridge I noticed that it was missing something. It no longer had a label, but it did have something written on it called Donkey Kong 64: The Unsold Copy. Behind it, I turned the cartridge over and to my surprise the real, Shigeru Miyamoto, signed it. I was so excited to have that signature I got on my two-wheeler and rode it really fast back home. I didn't even bother to drive into the garage I just jumped right off my bike and threw my bike in the lawn like they do in those shows. I ran into the house and I popped that sucker in that Nintendo 64, put on that play button, and got ready for a spe…

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  • FlowerOfTheWind

    I wish GoAnimate could turn back time Remember when GoAnimate used to be an animation software for those in businesses who struggled with animation? Well, almost all who've been on the site for long remember that. Ever since 2011, the site was plagued with a disease we all call "Grounded Videos", and the endless bandwagon was started by the God of all grounded video makers, MrLegoFan404.

    Right after the first grounded video was uploaded on both the site and YouTube, Adam Klein Schmidt, also known as "adamkleinschmidt2003", made them popular, and many young children and teens, whom many of them were autistic, took advantage of GoAnimate and YouTube by making too much of these grounded videos.

    Examples of grounded videos could be out of ficti…

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  • XxXDeadSmokeXxX

    I was reading through some old comments I made when I decided I might as well make a parody of a pasta, going for something a bit cliche a bit and taking away most of what little sense it made. heres a preview of what's been done so far.

    I'm a total weeaboo faggot meme lord much like everyone else, I wuv the newer maymays, but I don't mind watching trash because again... weeaboo faggot meme lord. I don't think I've ever seen any memes that live for over a week before, though I don't think I want to after the experience I had in Vietnam.

    It started on a crap autumn afternoon, I was watching some moe anime wondering when the hell my life began to take a downward spiral when I noticed out the corner eye that my neighbour was passed out drunk on…

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  • SchutzCrisp


    April 1, 2017 by SchutzCrisp

    After going full circle, revealing that I wasn't actually german, and a whole bunch of other shit, I've decided to retire. 

    (and no, I'm not joking.)

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  • Bobdaboi

    Mario snes

    March 29, 2017 by Bobdaboi


    I was on ebay browsing the site and I saw a post for a snes with super Mario world and it cost 1 cent I counted bevlive it a snes with a game I emitly buy it and after a few seconds after buying it they was a knock on my door I opened my door and they was a box I took the box and opend it it was the snes with the Mario game but the game looked odd the lable was missing and with black marker someone worte Mario on it I dident care I plug the snes into the wall and put the game into the snes it loaded it everything was noemal intill I died Mario scream in a realistic way that hart my ears  my turned down my tv volume but when Mario died I still heard the scream ii just ignored it I just thought it was a glitch when I got …

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  • Ghy201

    Hey! I just made this shitty and short pasta that will probably be deleted. I will be updating it sometimes. But only like once or twice per 2 years. (If you don`t get it, it`s a parody of 1999) thanx

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