• Swapfell Papyrus


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  • Trollpastaking2

    Hello my boooger kings. Today I have a annocment.

    For the first time in trollpasta history I am gonna make a interactiv trollpasta.

    In this interactive trollpasta you will need to write a trollpasta that is scary, stupid, funny or something

    Pick from over dozon endings will a skeleton pop out?? Will u marry a furry??

    So get your asses ready.

    Coming soon

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  • MikeDikenike

    One day, my brother and I decided to hunt for some yet to be discovered glitches, for we, the both of us, have shared this fascination for ages. We booted up Pokemon red on our old yet trustworthy Gameboy, for these games are notorious for their easy and accessible glitches. But little did we know that this innocent hunt, to quench nothing but our curiosity, was going to be far more than a simple gaming session... 

    To our despair, we noticed that the save battery had ran dry, we lost all our precious data! Our beloved companions we had cherished for so long! It seemed like we needed to complete this quest without our friends of yore. And so we ascended, to a new start, Ragnarok, courageous and determined! 

    We named our character Bubbero, aft…

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  • Why do people wonder who I am?

    wanna have a bad time?​

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  • Ihaveterminallungcancer
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  • Thad458

    I am the ice cream.

    August 18, 2017 by Thad458

    Also I nearly drowned in my own piss after it flooded Japan.

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  • Dickeandbals

    mystery kill

    August 2, 2017 by Dickeandbals


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  • FlowerOfTheWind

    Here is a list of my predictions which will happen in the future. 

    1. The anime-style dating sim Eternal Hour will be the most overrated game of that year, and the fandom will be composed of little kids, hentai art, shipping, and cringeworthy stuff there which will be an actual plague to the fandom. There will also be cringe comps and people asking to be killed by the firing squad.
    2. Donald Trump will be assassinated in November 23, 2017 at 11:30 PM on a Thursday. 
    3. The Powerpuff Girls reboot is going to get cancelled in February 2018 by Cartoon Network
    4. iFunny is going to remove all DDLG and other kink/fetish-related stuff on its app by August 28 (The iFunny Revolution).
    5. All MGTOW, fundamentalist Christian bashing LGBT and claiming everything is Sata…
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  • PepyTheSkeleton

    Just testing

    July 18, 2017 by PepyTheSkeleton this is where I'll write my blogs.


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  • Raythornclaw

    Holocaust jokes really make jews führerious

    While im writing this im sitting in mein kampfy chair

    When i went to spain once i saw adolphin

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