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  • Ghy201

    Hey! I just made this shitty and short pasta that will probably be deleted. I will be updating it sometimes. But only like once or twice per 2 years. (If you don`t get it, it`s a parody of 1999) thanx

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  • FlowerOfTheWind

    This blog post will maturely explain why I hate the Undertale haters:

    1. They just won't leave a single person who creates an Undertale parody video alone. Like, if you don't like their artwork, then just don't watch it and stop wasting your time posting comments like "OOOOO UNDERTAIL FANDUM IZ CANCER". It just won't help and can simply hurt the author's feelings. Remember than Underfiel video which was uploaded back in November 2015? Well, it got a lot of hate comments for absolutely no reason, and most of those reasons there were just childish. Again, if you don't like it, then don't watch the video. Plain and simple.
    2. The haters use pointless words such as "autism", "cancer" or "cringe" when describing the fandom, ut, it's only 50% of it. And…
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  • DrBreakdown

    About Me

    February 16, 2017 by DrBreakdown

    I am Ray Monroe, a freelance creepy/trollpasta researcher based in [REDACTED], OR. I analyse many parts of both good and bad pastas, learning what to do and what not to do, and hopefully to find the perfect pasta or make it, but i have a long way to go, as my writing skills have worn out over the years. and, since a "Favorite pasta" section is mandatory, I'd have to choose "The stairs" and "It has no face"

    Please, if i do make a pasta, give me some advice on how to make better stories, it is appreciated! :)

    DrBreakdown (talk) 01:02, February 16, 2017 (UTC) Dr. Breakdown, PhD in Creepypasta analysis

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  • Bigtimersh5

    Why did it, And how can I fix my mistakes?

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  • Epicerminer

    If my "favourite wikis" shows some gay shit I was just shitposting I swear

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  • Spring4000

    a man in need of help

    January 1, 2017 by Spring4000

    I need some help around this wikia,I am new here,I have a question about the content,but pushing that aside what should i try to use to make it darkly comical?

    If it is allowed here i want to make a dark comedy story,and if it is allowed i will make sure to add some shock humor,but i need help,any suggestions to make my dark humor,shock humor,and gross out humor actually funny,and shocking too of course because there will be shock value,well of course if it is allowed

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  • Ultimate Skeley
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  • Tickle Bear

    A Message to all Admins

    December 13, 2016 by Tickle Bear

    Please delete every pasta I made except for All Sonic Cartoons are conncected and Adventures of Sonic.exe. They are terrible and I'm sorry I ever made them. I hate myself for it, and I wish I didn't come here until I became a sane person. I don't think All Sonic Cartoons are Connected make me insane, but I know for a fact the rest that I made do.

    Edit: Don't delete any of my news stories unless it breaks any rules.

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  • Prince Stingy41

    Triangle Man

    Triangle Man

    Triangle Man hates Particle Man

    They have a fight

    Triangle wins

    Triangle Man

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  • SSF2Bloopers

    Intro Dab

    December 3, 2016 by SSF2Bloopers

    Im Dab King :)

    Were I Come From:

    Crepyoosta Weki

    Sponpasta Weki

    If U Like Dab Comment On It Blog :) (dab)

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