I was in the shower, home ALONE, and THEN I GOT OUT. i DEscicccccdid 2 masturbate SOs I did.

Then LATRE I went to my friend's house and he was watching The Big Bang Theory, AND LISTENING TO DON'T STOP ME NOW by QUEEN, and playing minecraft (Herobrine wuz pooping in his avatar's house). And then HE was like

"Bro, how did u get in? And how do u know where I live?"

aND I wuz like "Dude, CHIIL, OR I'LL STAB harry potter." he didn't bother me anymore.

AnD THEN i whent on his SEXbox and played POKEMON CURSED GAME 0.Pi. I heard about it on Creepypasta Wiki, cause I love scary stuff, and bought it on Ebay after Doing A hard Ritual that involved going to Antarctica and watching my house on Big Brother. I got naiked and played. Then, when I was halfway through I figured out something was wrong, aside from that his parents had arrived and wanted to watch Spongebob. iT WAS that i remembered that everyone who played that game was killed. THEN I GOT SCARED. I DECIDED TO GO HOME AND SLEEP.

THEN i WOKE UP at midday, and looked at The Mirror. I was shocked when I saw IT:

"THE LETTER "J" NOT USED ANYMORE" That scared me. How did today's newspaper get into my bedroom?

Then I went online and looked up Candle Ack. THEN I WAS KIDNAPPED AND SENT A LINK THIS TO MY FRIEND on Facebook. I hope this doesn't annoy him. HE'S SOMETIMES KIND OF MEAN. OH SHIT, WHY DID I TYPE THAT? hE'LL reAd it and get well pissed; that Bad language won't help either. aNYWAYS, even though i was meant to be kidnapped I went to school AND THEN A SKELETON POOPED OUT! then it turned out I was you all along, and you read the first word of every paragraph to reveal a hidden message.

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