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dead paper

Ok so How do I put This out. OK So One Does anyone know the show BFDI (Battle for Dream Island) on Youtube? And does anyone know II (Inanimate Insanity) also on youtube? Well they are both Shows with "Objects" that can talk and walk. So some told me that BFDIA 5B was coming out, but that turned out to be a video game but he still told me that the video was a private video on jacknjellfys channel and he also told me his username and password so i signed in looked through his videos and there i was Staring face to face with BFDIA 5B. he also told me that this was a crossover with ii. so i played it and it all began

The Video

BfDI inanimate insanity crossover creepypasta

BfDI inanimate insanity crossover creepypasta

The video

it started out like a normal episode with leafy giving bubble a present but then it went to black. and then a picture of the announcer flashes across the screen but he was red for some reson. it showed leafy and firey on the hanglider flying in reverse as the bfdi birthday theme from BFDIA 5A played in the backround in a demonic tone. Then after a little while of black it showed rocky vomiting a red ball and taco from inanimate insanity screaming and breaking something that sounded like OJ (Orange Juice) shattering. but the screen was red again for some reson. then after a few seconds of black it showed paper
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getting bullied by his evil side a on a black backround and yet again both papers were red. after a little bit of black it showed a blood soaked paper laying on the ground through unbearable static (the top picture) and in the backround you coudld hear Oj whisparing

"Paper. Paper Paper wake up! paper paper

And that got quiter and quiter.

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Then it showed a demonic picture of rocky (picture under the video)  that inverted as it zoomed into his eye and went white. a litlle later it showed rocky doing his "spectaculer vomit art" from an earlyr episode of BFDI but the color was strange and audio was fuzzy. then the classic elimination time song from inanimate insanity replayed and got more and more static while going in a lower pitch.  then it showed a picture of taco smilimg strangly (bottom picture) in that wierd color and then he said 

i'l never fall...

in a really deep voice. then you could here the BFDI cast screaming loudly while a explosion played. after a little bit of black, it cut to the puffball anouncer vomiting on coiny. after that it showed a picture of pencils allience and leafy demonicly smilling (Video thumbnail) then it faded into woody and spongy with the same creepy smile. then we faded into firey who was bleedy on a black backround with black eyes then it faded into coiny with a evil smile and that inverted and turned off like a tv screen 


it turned out i fell asleep at the computer after watching sponge bob bootleg and justin gets grounded and i must off combined both in my head. 

The End

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