this is WIP

I am a huge fan of bad creepypasta I have all the video's downloaded on my computer I have all the mechendice (including the TCV dildo) But I am not a fan off the series anymoar after...teh experiance

It happend on a late summer afternoon I was watching some hooodoohoodlumrevenge When I notaced that the MichaelLeroi channel had a new video my hart raced with exitment as I clicked on the channel the video was called: BAD CREEPYPASTA:vengeance of the toffee crisp vampire.

I thought that was weird but sence I was am expert at youtube I dismissed it as a glitch.

Then I clicked on the video. The video was a live action video of Jacob Toby & Matt read ing a story called "Jeffery's dead the final sleep" after 25 seconds of them reading a doorbell rang everyone jumped and It looked like Jacob had dropped some

ass work "dammit!" said Jacob It looked like writing assaniment

"should we see who's at the doorbell?" asked Matt "yeah sure" said Jacob. "hey Toby" said Jacob "yeah" "can you take the camera with us?" "fine" toby then walked up to the camera and picked it up. they then walked to the door...THEN when they opened the door a pair of white hands with long sleeves shoved jacob outside "holy shit!" said Toby "what happend?' said Matt they then ran out the door to see...Jacob staring at...Jeff.

"ya wernt exspecting me were ya?" said jeff

"but..but...YOU'RE FUCKING FAKE!" said Toby "ah that was true a few hour's ago" said jeff "but with the help friend" Then all of a sudden...the toffee crisp vampire was the size of an SUV. other then that it wassent out of the oranariy. "I cam to the real world." said Jeff "oh...and I boght some friends" then...squidward sucide and JC the hyena apperd "oh" said Toby then...teke teke and the blood whistle apperd "uh" then...smiley mindless max Laughing Jack eyeless Jack and...the toppler aperd "NHOOO!" said Toby "and we are going to kill you" said jeff "stop" said TVC "what the hell is it?" You are my second banna" then...TVC...BIT JEFF'S NECK!! I watched in shock as TVC latched on Jeff's neck stoped and the TVC feel dead. "why did he do tha-" Jeff stopped as jeff turend into...a...toffee crisp vampire a-fied verson of himself...his white hoodie had turned into a orange hoodie with the same text as a toffee crisp bar saying a horrifing phrase: TOFFEE CRISP KID. his black hair had turned into brown toffee crisp hair. any blood on him hade turned into toffee crisp liquid. and he had the wings and fangs of the toffee crisp vampire

jeff looked at his hand's realizing he had become a hybrid of himself and the TCV...he smiled..."oh you're fucked so much" but then jacob trew 1000 cauldbury eggs at everyone...they all had candy yolk all over them on thire shirts on there crotch's "you asshole's!" said Jeff "this will take forever to clean!" the blood whistle then flew up and stabed matt in the shoulder. Matt bled hyper realeistic blood then blood whistle stabbed laghuing jack by mistake. laughting jack bled sperm "MATT!" said Toby "are you OK?!" "Im fine it onley poked me"

"oh yeah" "well lets get back inside!!!" they then ran back into the house...AFTER JACOB KILLED THE TOPPLER WITH A CHAIR. After that Jacob Toby and Matt ran into the house. Tails doll tried to kill them but he dropped the chainsaw

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