Aunt Dan-Dan was the black sheep of our family. She was cuckoo on the brain. One day, my parents are injured and the dead. The only relatives was Aunt DAN-DAN. The court granted her custody of me.

day 1

DAN DAN-aunt woke me at breakfast. Once I went down to eat, she said:

-Jedz Rubble gypsies! -krzyknęła And threw stones.

He missed and I ran into the room and locked myself in the closet (DAN DAN-aunt was stupid and could not open the closet).

day 2

I was so hungry I wanted to leave, but she Kampil. Quickly I opened the closet and jumped out the window.

I ran away.

day 3

DAN DAN-aunt chased me with his lorry (wtf who gave her driving license). Unfortunately, it caught up with me because the lorry is faster than me. (Of course, that I die)

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