Lucy Skeleton


So I was walking down the street and I was tripping balls WHEN A SKELEPHONE rigns. I answer and the CAR says "my dad POPPED OUT OF THE PHONE WHO opened the car door AND THEN I drove down the interstates WHEN A CAR CRASHED INTO A SKELETON THAT EXPLODED AND I looked in a mirror and saw myself park IN THE GROCERY STORE parking lot when the phone popped OUT SO I ANSWER AND the vioce is "WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH MY CAR?" and I turn around and the car's on FIRE SO I LAUGH MANIACALLY AND THEN I WENT into the grocery store but it was all bloody and the manager was saying "HEIL HITLER" and he was A SKELETON POPPED OUTside in the parking lot, two policemen were arresting a MONKEY ZOMBIE ROBOT ALIEN PIRATED copy of a Spongebob episode called "SKELETONS" THAT I WATCHED AND MY CHAIRS TURNED TO EYES WITH ARMS WITH MOUTHS AND TONGUES THAT LICKED EVERYTHING AND I was in the freezer aisle when PATRIXXX popped out IN THE SKY WITH DIAMONDS, LUCY is the common name of AL 288-1, several hundred pieces of bone representing about 40% of the skeleton of an individual Australopithecus afarensiSKELETON POPPED OUT AND EVERYONE DIED

[This has been a Public Service Announcement]

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