This isn't just a story; this really happened. I was an intern at the studios where they used to develop the old Pokemon games, and while I was there, one of the developers gave me an old cartridge, saying he didn't want it any more because it was cursed. He told me he bought it at a yard sale, and the guy he bought it off found it in a bin. So I took the cartridge home, and put it in my ancient GameBoy. As soon as I started playing, something seemed wrong; when I picked my pokemon, Professor Oak told me it was evil, and I couldn't change it's name from DEMON. I caught another pokemon which I preferred, and called JIMMY, and started to use it. After playing for two hours using only my new Pokemon, a message came up telling me "DEMON wants attention", but I ignored it.

A few hours later it said "DEMON didn't get attention and killed JIMMY", when I went to the Pokemon menu, JIMMY was gone, and DEMON seemed to have bits of JIMMY attached to him. Not wanting to upset him any more, I started to use DEMON, but instead of fainting, every Pokemon or trainer I battled died. I went downstrairs and Googled this story, and it seemed that only one copy of this cartrige existed, and it had circulated the country, and everyone who had played it had comitted suicide afterwards. When I came back upstairs, I turned on the GameBoy, and a message came up saying "DEMON is behind you. Don't turn around." I turned around, and my psychotic Pokemon was standing behind me and killed me.

This didn't happen, absoloutely none of this story is true; I only wanted to try and write a heavily cliched parody Creepypasta with a lot of help from the Clichés page. If you believed this, then you should read the cliche page.

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